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Coach Mode Defense Bug

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This is a request to fix a very specific issue with regard to coach mode (automatic passing/running/defenders) and not a broad complaint.

The issue is:
If any player other than a defensive lineman is selected when the ball is snapped then you must control that player or they will sit there and do nothing. Since the game does not default to a defensive lineman the user must remember to make this switch multiple times during a game.

In practice this results in multiple plays where the user forgets to switch players and then watches an undefended receiver run down the field and score a touchdown. This is game breaking for people that want to play with coach mode.

A simple fix for this would be to either change the default selected player to a defensive lineman or make the selected defender reliably automated when no input is given. Please help, this has driven me from the game completely after 8 franchise games where this has been an issue every single time.


  • This problem began last year, and it makes no sense. Is it a glitch or did someone think this was a good idea? Before last year's game you always defaulted as a defensive end unless you chose to control another player.
  • on offense QB throws ball but have to choose receiver at proper time to complete pass, hold long for bullet pass tap for touch etc... ball snapped by coach, qb won't throw to receiver on its own if i snap ball.
    if i dont get delay of time.. snapping takes over play i quess , what am i missing
  • Dongle_MD
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    @_Browns__1 For coach mode you should turn on Coach Mode in the settings menu and also set Ball Carrier Special Move to Auto to get your RB's working properly. Don't touch the controller after the snap and passing/running should be automated.

    Please don't confuse the very real problem I have mentioned with an option that is unnecessarily buried in layers of menus.

    @EA_Roger @EA_Cian @EA_David @EA_Lanna @EA_KRAELO Someone please make EA aware of this very basic problem. Defenders just sitting there and letting receivers run wide open down the field is still a game breaking issue for anyone trying to play in coach mode. This could easily be fixed by making the default player a lineman at the start of every play.
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