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Snow Conversion Issue



  • My question is... How many coins did it take to upgrade these players instead of training? If it was 5K coins then WHOA! Bad on EA! But if cost 500K coins then it's not really a big deal. How many coins was it???
  • doc_ll77
    1 posts New member
    @GaTech0609 Since you have a job, you can obviously afford to blow $100 + per player, right? Obviously, this was for the poor schmucks who are unable to obtain a living and sit at home all day scum kicking and running crossers!
  • My question is... How many coins did it take to upgrade these players instead of training? If it was 5K coins then WHOA! Bad on EA! But if cost 500K coins then it's not really a big deal. How many coins was it???

    it took like 2k to fully upgrade a 94 and like 4k to do a 96 lol
  • BDS37 wrote: »
    Plus, what about the imbalance for those of us who previously spent coins on acquiring enough snow to use on the upgrades?

    Please consider this. The upgrade with coins issue effects all accounts. Most people paid 400k to 500k in training (snow) to upgrade. This throws off the competitive balance.
  • Since you will not be removing these players from accounts that capitalized on your mistake will everyone else get a chance to get these cards at that same price? This game is already getting on my last nerve. This mishap only strengthens my feelings unless you make right with everyone that wasn't able to take advantage early this morning.
  • So I spend thousands of snow and coins to build up snow beasts and madden forever players only for people to get every single one for 10,000 coins a piece lmao wow and nobody will make right for people who dont take advantage of ur mistakes? Wow
  • Wow this is ❤️❤️❤️❤️ for people who couldnt get on to take the advantage you are giving other players EVERYONE should be getting something from YOUR mistake not ours.
  • Aside from the final upgrade being 9000 training and not 2700, which is my main issue, where did it ever tell us that the snow would expire? Yeah, I figured (like most probably did) that the zero chill packs would no longer be available, also figured the snow store would go away.

    But looked right at the upgrade last night and thought to myself, I'll have plenty of time to upgrade Tony G, I'm going to bed. Never did the game tell me that I would be FORCED to convert my snow to training, and it sure as heck never said that the final upgrade would be converted to over 3x more training than snow.

    Then to find out that people got to upgrade with coins for basically 'pennies on the dollar', and now I don't just feel like I've been burned, I have indeed been burned.

    The top of this thread says there will be a "customer service make-right". Well, customer service tells me that the game developers will make it right. Well which is it?

    I don't feel like it's made right unless they either drop the final upgrade to 2700 training, or I get refunded the cash and coins I spent to get the dad gum snow in the first place.

    The only mistake any of us made was to trust this company and by investing any time and/or money into this sham of a game. This just confirms that training nonsense, along with this snow nonsense, was never about our entertainment and enjoyment. It has just been another way for greedy individuals to line their pockets.

    Shame on EA and shame on their shareholders. Shame on the NFL and shame on all of us I guess for allowing this company to get away with their garbage all this time. If this isn't criminal, then it should be. It is extremely shady business practice at the least.
  • The customer service make right is bogus and when I tried to report it I was told that can’t be true no one else has reported it yet. So yay EA you turned my 10,000 snow I had at the time into 20,000 training. Mind you I had just spend a little over 1 mill on (2) 96 ghosts and quicksold them for snow. I was in the process of buying all mid elites with 14,400 snow. Which would have made me approx 1.5 million. I was abruptly stopped at 10,000 snow so I couldn’t proceed. So 20,000 training is worth 1.5 mill I was screwed out of. Honestly I could have just hung onto those (2) ghost cards and quicksold them for 36,000 training points!! So I’m out 16,000 training points, or what I was really doing turning them into coins probably cost me about the price of 1 96 ovr ghost card. That’s what I get for getting on my game and trying to make the best of the end of the promo as it’s coming to an end. Thanks EA, really didn’t “make right” at all. And when I was the first to report it I was called a liar. Great customer service. Way to end the best promo I’ve seen. Longtime loyal player and now I think I’ll find another game to waste all of my time. Another game not made by EA.
  • Whoever was using waiting for the snow to turn into training was stupid anyways. You could have bought items from the snow store. Made money and still bought the training if you really wanted to.

    Example. 96 Ed reed worth quicksell 7200 snow, converted to 14,400 training.

    Or wait until after promo is over and it’s worth quicksell 18,000 training!!! What a joke.

    Those are not equal. Crap job finishing up this promo EA. Promo was awesome until this
  • You should allow reduced upgrades for the other snow beasts and other players. I wouldnt mind building up champ or tony g. I wish i got a shot at that but as a late xmas present id be very happy.
  • Maybe a reasonable gesture or compromise would be something like a free pot luck pack for everybody?
  • paulygbruhh915
    1 posts New member
    edited January 2019
    Crazy, messed up big time. Not fair, might as well give everybody these 96 ghosts of forever cards
  • A simple make right would be to make the players put together with snow A/T.
  • When are the people at EA going to at least address this issue and tell us what they are going to do?
  • Does EA even read this stuff
  • Ea is a bunch of greedy Evil sobs!!! plain and simple. Ea's net worth is over a billion and a refund from them is unheard of it seems.
  • Bada Bing Bada Boom! Heyyy forget aaaa bout!! Ea doesn't care....
  • So when playing Madden 19 Online with other players, and somehow out of no where ,your Wi-Fi starts to lag, due to either low signal strength, heavy network traffic etc. And the connection is lost. Now when that happens Madden gives the player an " Lost. " in which I don't think its much fun. The other player receives a " Win ". Madden shouldn't give a win to neither player. The game should be forfeited due to the players network. I'm sure we agree on this  GOD Bless.
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