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Receiving a Loss Due To Network

So when playing Madden 19 Online with other players, and somehow out of no where ,your Wi-Fi starts to lag, due to either low signal strength, heavy network traffic etc. And the connection is lost. Now when that happens Madden gives the player an " Lost. " in which I don't think its much fun. The other player receives a " Win ". Madden shouldn't give a win to neither player. The game should be forfeited due to the players network. I'm sure we agree on this :) GOD Bless.


  • JacobSF80
    84 posts Member
    edited January 12
    I just received 2 losses due to disconnects didn’t restart anything, just went to a new game made by a different publisher (better company) and everything online is fine #EnoughAlready
  • JacobSF80....Yeah man it sucks when you lose connection due to the WiFi *network* , and then you receive an “ L “ and the other player gets the “ Win “ off of your bad connection. Maybe they’ll take my suggestion into consideration:)
  • JacobSF80
    84 posts Member
    edited January 12
    It’s not my bad internet considering that all other games made by real Rockstars work fine in huge open world games without disconnects. Also this particular game seems to only have connection issues when (on a winning streak)in weekend league. I’ve never had a disconnect in seasons or even squads where multiple people connect to the same game. Maybe it’s that they were known to use the same antiquated servers cross-platform and even used for older platforms such as PS3 and Xbox 360 on the same antiquated servers. maybe you put all your perverbrial eggs into the wrong basket when blaming the other persons internet
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  • When your playing Madden 19. And your Wi-Fi drops. And let's say your winning the game. 4th quarter your up 21-0 And let's say the weather is bad outside and your connection drops. Are you aware that the other player will get the win? And not you. Do you believe it's fair in Madden 19 ? No, I think that should be fixed. It should be forfeited.
  • JacobSF80
    84 posts Member
    edited January 15
    But how can they if you hit the power button to your router or if it shut off due to weather.. that’s kind of impossible to tell but yes I believe that disconnects, especially before games, should not count against you. But we have little chance of this getting fixed this year because of the “people” that make changes
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  • Plenty of Madden 19 players have the same experience. I recall playing online head to head, and I was losing the game lol the player network was lagging and he lost connection, and I received the " W ". I was like wow really ? So yeah hopefully Madden will fix that issue. He should have gotten the win, not me.
  • What I’ve learned this weekend is to close out the app after the second game. Now no more issues haha. Didn’t restart anything except EAs side
  • After the 2nd game , close out the PS4 app ?? Or the Madden Application (Game ) ? What was fixed ?
  • After the second game I started closing the madden 19 app (game) and went back in. No more issues the rest of the weekend
  • Sounds cool, But Yeah we all have different network providers, when it comes to WiFi service.... Reason why I'm hesitant to play Madden 19 anymore lol I don't want to make my record bad ( wins & losses. I'll wait until they fix that network error, where we don't have to receive a Loss Due To bad " network provider signal " lol
  • Shoot my Xbox one is connected straight ethernet cable to my wifi and I still some how lose my connection!!! Like ****. If I'm winning why and connection is lost why just give a tie or make it seems like I never played that match, dont give me a loss and them a win!!! Its sucks to see the I have a loss with me winning.
  • quan516ny
    9 posts New member
    edited January 29
    @ b_humnoi_k_80.... Exactly man !! It ruins the gaming experience, + its a waste of time when playing, & then connection drops ! EA sports should really take a look into making some adjustments, hopefully they will see this conversation were having & take it into consideration, its only but right, a few of my online gaming buddies agree with me on the same thing !! Im pretty sure many would agree on this. It makes you not want to play sometimes.

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