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Madden 20 - GM Mode

I think that it is time for a general manager mode to be in madden along with Coach, Owner, and player. As a GM, you should be able to hire offensive coordinators, defensive, assistants, position coaches, and so on. Come on EA, if you are going to charge us 60 bucks every year we want the new madden, make it worth our while and maybe spend some time making big, new features instead of "Real Player Motion" or "Scheme Fits". Spend the extra time to add some new, big features next year and regain your repertoire of a quality video game developer company, not a do-what-is-minimum video game developer company. I'm not trying to be rude but Madden has such potential and I'd hate to see the realism (not graphics, that you guys are amazing at, but the business part of the NFL) continue to fall short every single year. Please do something like this next year. Or slowly people will stop buying a game where the new features aren't worth it.


  • jonwill4
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    I agree with you on adding position coaches. Also strength and conditioning coaches. Bring back training camp so you can develop the late round draft picks. Building a weekly gameplan for each opponent every week. Improve the scouting of the college players during the season. But I do feel like you guys have improved on franchise mode this past year I just hope you continue to add on this coming year.
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