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New glitch (maybe old? i hadn't seen it till now)

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this glitch exploit/ cheating brought to you by the user play him a lot always has an exploit play. over and over and over.. this is the first time (that i noticed) where he is repeatedly exploiting a glitch.. he also had another variation of this glitch where he would pitch the ball to gurley, so i had to stay next too him and not the other side of the field. thats what he was doing originally too make me start recording. this variation obviously didnt work as well... the pitch one was ridiculous.using same backfield glitch

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  • there was also some audible after moving the hb that he would call, and it would make the guy lined up with the hb switch to defending the guy on the opposite side of the field.
  • And that’s what we’re paying for YEAR after Year after year! It’s sad... I’m gonna try to get into other games because this madden game has just about run its course on me....SERIOUSLY!
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    The Dev team is aware of this and is looking into it. Thanks.
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