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Madden NFL 19 - January Title Update

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Franchise Updates
  • Addressed an issue with mouse selection not functioning throughout the Customize Your Season flow after continuing from a Play Now game
Gameplay Updates
  • Fixed an issue that allowed users to get players in unrealistic alignments via audibles that was being used as an exploit

  • Increased the Passing Accuracy and Throw Power penalties when wildly dropping back, very far behind the line of scrimmage, and throwing across the QB's body

Special Teams
  • Improved kickoff trajectory to avoid kickoffs that are difficult for the returner to successfully catch or recover in a reasonable amount of time
  • Removed any chance at a kick block if the Jump Snap mechanic on defense is mistimed to be early on Competitive and Simulation Game Styles (this will prevent defensive users from spamming the button until the snap)

Pass Coverage
  • Added new logic for Cover 4 Quarters to better handle vertical routes from Trips formations when the #3 receiver (closest receiver to line of scrimmage) is in a detached alignment
  • Added coverage logic for the Deep Half Safety in Cover 6 to prevent him from matching vertical routes being ran by inside receivers
  • Adjusted coverage logic for Seam Flat defenders in Cover 3 Match so that they properly match wheel routes that are run by a receiver aligned in a slot position

  • Fixed an issue causing a TE in a wing or fullback position on certain HB Toss plays to target defenders on the backside of the formation

Madden Ultimate Team
  • The previous Huddle tab will be renamed “Competitive”, and taken over with Madden Championship Series content, including the streaming schedule and the Gameday Program, which has competitive-themed offers, like unique Club Championship uniforms and competitor coaches.
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  • Can you make the CFM resign values move as quickly as the MUT auction values?

    Can the CFM draft screen see the pick order of all 32 teams, rather than the next 8-10?

    Can you make pass blocking on all formations similar to bunch and trips te where the off line fans out?

    Can you help the off line pick up stunts? After that, add stunts to the def line?

    Can the off line have more success against smaller def packages?

    Can we fix the hb dive so that it doesn’t reward people who go straight to sidelines and spin back inside?

    Anyway, email me if you want a comprehensive list of observations.
  • I recommend Changes to the settings in game options where the settings like ballhawk and heat seeker assist gets turned off by itself sometimes. I have to manually turn them back on from time to time
  • Can you fix where players don’t jump or react to the ball when in position to intercept or even bat the ball down?
  • I recommend Changes to the settings in game options where the settings like ballhawk and heat seeker assist gets turned off by itself sometimes. I have to manually turn them back on from time to time

    Too many times I've lost games because my heatsink gets turned off and someone is spamming the precision spin which is far beyond OP. And can't make a tackle.

    And regarding the spin on a previous patch supposedly the spin was going to be punishable by more fumbles after a big hit, but it seems impossible to hit stick a precision spin, the defender will never lock on
  • Why don’t you fix how OP the high pass and aggressive catch is people are abusing the game they high pass and aggressive catch and no Mather what they come down with the catch and it doesn’t let the defense jump and even when it does they get a animation and they catch it regardless.Fix the Iq of the lineman when people are blitzing 6 or more people and the offensive line doesn’t pick up the blitz the right way or two lineman will block one guy leaving one person free to blitz you.fix spin logic you have the ball carrier stopped for a negative yard lost or have him surrounded and he spin for a 10 yard gain this is the true gameplay problems it’s been going on for months now people have just been exploiting it cause they know you guys won’t fix it
  • EA - when are you going to address the following 1. LB and DB change of direction with no speed penalty; also WR has 5 yards on a DB then throw the ball and the user can Speed burst and beat ur WR to the spot. 2 throwing the ball I should be able to throw a bullet to a WR 30 yards down field without a LB at the DL or 5 yards of the OL jumping and intercepting the ball meant for a guy 20+ yards pass him. 3. Blocking it’s so easy to trick the OL, so many free rushers on Max Protection or just letting players run pass them without attempting to block them. 4. Did I mention no defensive change of Direction penalty? Why can a LB take away the the entire field with no loss of speed.
  • wisepegasus9585
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    connections drop way too often,

    need more gang tackling animations , defenders stop pursuit once a tackle animation begin instead of joining to bring down ball carrier. WR even give up pursuit on interceptions to do a slow moving "give up animation"

    light weight players should get pancaked/trucked more often (nickel blitz 2 anyone?) . The defensive tackles and defensive end should never get dramatically pancaked in the run heavy/pass commit mechanic.

    Screens are broken, Ricky Williams in MUT is rediculous, and we are Still tripping on own blockers a lot

    Linebackers still superman jump for interceptions, pass trajectory over them could use a little improvement (Shouldn't need to high point just to throw over them), I'd like to be able to double juke even if it's nerfed from before...,

    bring ability to reset online franchise games (BIG ISSUE for cfm when users can go up 1 point in 2nd half and conceed and get the win) ,

    Defense is still glitched out at times when trying to audible after opponents simple no huddle and flip plays...

    Interception camera is still bad...

    Deep crossers overpowered
  • Too much to type... 😔
  • still no weather options for offline head to head matches please fix it.. the blocking needs a huge tuning update logic,physics and ratings ... Pass trajectory tuning touch passes especially needs a tuning as well.. much more but this is looking like my last copy of madden.. the franchise lack of game play improvements shows that the department is disconnected with the community and seems like they're just focused on MUT & presentations

  • Fix where I’m custom playbooks if you pick certain plays it puts you in the punt formation
  • In franchise mode (as a player) is there anyway to fix it where you can shift your receivers where you want? That'd be dope.
  • Can you fix tackling. I can set tackles to conservative and they still break it even with two guys on him. Then the off-line gets beat when d-line is not blitzing. But great job on fixing the the qb when droping back and running throwing the ball perfectly (Mike Vick especially)! Thanks
  • Great work devs! Thank you for listening to the community and fixing these exploits!

    A couple ideas I had for CFM...
    1. Ability to completely customize divisions/conferences. It would be nice to be able to set it up exactly how you want, example... if you have users from the pacific time zone you could set them in their own division so that their availabilty times are similar. Also, after a couple seasons we noticed stronger players in certain divisions and weaker players in others. Instead of making the users switch teams and completely miss out on all their xp and franchise building, we could just realign the divisions to help balance out the league.
    2. The ability to set caps on Free Agents. You could say 150 points is the FA cap and then no team would be able to exceed that. If 2 teams bid up to 150, let the Free agent decide where he wants to go by the coach free agent signing upgrades etc
    3. Scrimmage mode. Be able to play against users in your league in a practice mode type setting with your cfm team
    4. Tournament mode. Similar to cfm where you send out invites and pick teams except make a bracket with players randomly or manually lines up against their opponents. Winner stays, loser pays
    5. Ability to see what is edited on player edits. Even it it says “ratings edit” or “equipment edit” it would be nice to know what exactly is being edited by a commish
    6. Ability to customize the playoffs any way you like. If you want to have the top 8 teams, 16, or even get crazy and have a 32 team bracket at the end of the season!
  • Ive been having the continuous problem where I’ll be in man coverage and the CPU or user will put a guy in motion and my defender will not follow, only to be shredded on the play. I can also agree on the bullet pass problem where every LB has a 64 inch vertical.
  • The intentional grounding n push off dem wide outs gets when corners faster hows hes staring running em 1 in aaron rogers chance of laying it in. N down vick please man macnabb randall even. Gameplay mut pay for play end of the day. Some hots 10 points higher gonna out muscle me quick unless im mr world with it. N i ain't the get rich glitch man keep em all in same thing and let the ur not getting our money public have our own division less rewards something but mut now 10 bux a player the month of september. Mmm ea ea madden 18 n roster updste outta spite. U glitch like y2k catch the ball when it drop guns pop u have a nice day. Said cappadonna wu tang in the 90s n i played everyone of u games nah i mean enough do right we ur neighbors n dine together holidays gonna b issues ooo ea. 2ks comin but u had to ask for a punch to the face i hope i broke thru bone fatally redisghnly tech 2billion training. Just alot more. $fckuxpect
  • pphins4life
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    Please fix the settings. I have to check before every game to make sure camera toggle is set to off. If not I get stuck in a gake where I can't use my dpad to make defensive adjustments.... Very frustrating

    [Removed all caps]
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  • It sucks when you are a true football fan and have to deal with how broken this game is because its the only football game on the market because of EA

    Cornerbacks and linemen basically die on the play if touched in a certain way. I've seen countless times my running back heading towards the edge and linemen giving chase only to freeze in place like the game finished their animations

    No reason why almost every pass over a defender is pickable. Why is there absolutely no arc on any throw that a quarterback has.

    No reasons why my star cornerback freezes on occasions before jumping back into play especially on slant routes. Slant routes are some of the most tightly covered plays in the NFL yet almost a guarantee in madden

    Blocking is atrocious and your linemen never pick up proper blocks even when utilizing the protections.

    No reason why a 62 rated QB is torching my 90 rated defense for 3tds and 80% completetion percentage, no reason why I'm dropping back and getting sacked before I set my feet vs barely being able to touch the CPU unless I get creative with blitzes.

    No reason why the AI on the CPU team plays lights out compared to the AI on your team

    No reason why madden feels the need to force 2 fumbles and basically gift points to the CPU when they have 0 points going into the fourth and are down by 40. Unless playing complete prevent if you are still calling the game the same way the game shouldbt force a score by the other team for the sake of valance.

    This XP system is one of the worst. I have star players have crazy seasons to get 4 or 5 points and not one of those points go towards his awareness which is clearly the only stat that matters

    Anything under 80 the player will sit there and act like he doesnt have half a clue

    Over 80 hes acts like he has some common sense

    Fix your QA
    Fix your testing
    Make a better game because as a company y you guys are already losing a big chunk of your fanbase because of politics and ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Make a football game that actually feels like a football game. Honestly ive never seen one player in the NFL spin like 90% of madden players can. Million dollar budgets, 100 people teams and this game is still ❤️❤️❤️❤️ trash. Sad thing is a few things here and a few things there it would be great.

    Please look me up if you need new QA people I def have QA experience because the product you guys put out I would never let pass certification.
  • I was hoping this patch would fix the issue I have Every time i try to do draft vs friend it tells me our servers cannot process this information, please try again later. MUT draft is still inop.
  • We just have to face the facts. With no other NzfL games available EA will not get it right, because there is no one pushing them to make long over due improvements to this title. Madden NFL 19 is broken and EA will not address it cuz what other NFL game are gou/we going to buy.

    Just some facts of the matter...
  • Did you fix the stuck in strafe glitch? Please please please fix that glitch
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