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Madden Ultimate Team | Emergency Maintenance related to Pack Grants to Xbox One users.


  • I played over 10 weekend games and won today but they wouldnt register but the losses did
  • rlkihne
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    edited January 2019
    One update every 4 hours is not professional.

    [Removed call out]
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  • For those of us that dont abuse the system.....EA hook us up plz
  • How much longer EA... This is every Disappointing
  • kingharley2002
    1 posts Member
    edited January 2019
    djmung wrote: »
    Fumbleruski would be great for solo battles also helps those of us who didnt use the exploit.

    I agree, do another Fumblerooski!
  • Look they didn't make it up to anyone who didn't get snow glitch so I doubt they will take anything away from the people who got all the free rings, and won't give the rest of us anything to make up for this
  • I just want to work, EA. Let us work. Tax season is about to start and I won’t have time for Madden. I need this time. Don’t be like our government, let us grind.
  • Disappointed...
  • couchmaster775
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    edited January 2019
    Amazing, EA's worried about a glitch for free cards but nothing ever gets done about the 95% of players who glitch Every head to head game on Mut 19. Feel free to disagree but if you feel the need, it just shows you are part of the 95% that cheat daily. Oh and by the way, thanks for the timely updates that actually say nothing in regards to progress, lol a small number of accounts affected, sure thing!
  • I've never been so disappointed in Madden I'm sure I'm one of the 1 %er that doesn't spend money on my Madden but i was beasting in my weekend league and now I'm shut off not very happy about this. We need and estimated time on our wait
  • The disappointments are endless over the past few years. I love football but patience is wearing thin for this product EA. It's a shame, people have been dedicated for years smh
  • I've spent my hard earned money on this game and you devalue my purchases with errors like this. This is wrong if you let people continue to exploit the game this way without compensating users that didn't cheat. You need to make this right with EVERYONE. You already gave tons of people a free Vick and now this! It is wrong, period. This is not how you treat paying customers!
  • EA, I run a business and if half of my customers took advantage of my company for free stuff the other half would be extremely upset. You devalue honest paying customers this way. IT IS WRONG. You need to compensate everyone.
  • crotty89
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    edited January 2019
    Soooooooo.... no update EA?

    At least keep us in the loop.
  • Hey EA, what's the estimated time Madden Ultimate Team will back up?
  • Dblev513
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    edited January 2019
    How about a timetable for the Xbox players? We are paying customers! Come on EA
  • Relax everyone, go watch the Pro Bowl or take a nap or wait for EA to bring XBOX 1 back online, oh wait all three will have the same result, sleep :D but no worries, only down 6 1/2 hours so far
  • lol only 6 1/2 hours only
  • This is weak I got DC 4 games in wl and If I can't finish I'll b kicked out of top 100 monthly to most likely
  • Not going to be compensated for missing all the games that needed to be finished today
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