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Madden NFL 20 - Gridiron Notes: November Title update

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Unable to purchase promos.

Says 0 remaining!!! Although I have not even opened one. I have reported the issue but EA does nothing or cares.

Happened with 95 overall playoff player and when after I uploaded money for the fire fantasy pack.

EA gives me around bout and refuses to make it right by there players.

Does not care time has expired on promo deals that some could not be apart of because of their glitch. Only told they are working on issues. 3 promo deals later and still same old issue. Regards of multiple forum posts.

I am upset that I uploaded 30 dollars for the fire pack only to get the 0 remaining glitch... I will never spend money on this game again. I wish EA did not have sole license to the NFL.

Need to find a new game to play. Not a fan... Not a fan...


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