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Madden NFL - February Title Update

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Welcome back Madden fans for a Title Update to Madden NFL 19. This update is heavily influenced by your community feedback. Make sure to give us more feedback on the official forums.

Change Log

General Stability improvements
  • Additional logging to track online desyncs
  • DEV NOTE: While our internal tracking shows that online desyncs are occurring at a very low rate when looking across all online play, we realize that any desyncs impacting higher level online competitions have a big impact on play-experience. We're continuing to work to drive down the rate, especially focusing on competitive formats and this tracking will help us identify the causes.

Gameplay Updates

  • Fumble risk added to ball carriers when using the spin move when hit in the back with a successful hit-stick tackle
  • Addressed an exploit allowing users to avoid the Aggressive Pass Rush coach adjustment penalty by repeatedly shifting the defensive line back & forth in pre-play; defenders can now jump offsides while shifting
  • Additional context added to match-up formula for catches in traffic; logic added for taking into account additional defenders who are within the proximity to either the receiver or the catch point.
    • DEV NOTE: This change will reduce the effectiveness of Aggressive Catches in traffic by respecting the impact of nearby defenders relative to both the receiver and the catch point.
    • Decreased the facing-angle threshold for the strafe animation added in a previous update to fix a manual Spy blitz exploit
    • DEV NOTE: This change will make it less likely that a user will get into a strafe state when trying to cover a pass or pursue a ball carrier, but will still force the defender to strafe if trying to blitz the QB from a Spy or Zone coverage assignment

    Special Teams
    • Fixed an issue preventing touchdowns from always being awarded on fake punts and fake field goals when the snap receiver was the one who scored the touchdown
      • DEV NOTE: This fix also fixes issues PS4 players have encountered in Skills Trainer regarding touchdowns not always being awarded correctly.

      • Fixed an issue that could sometimes result in a player not being ruled down correctly when going to the ground after a catch in traffic
        • DEV NOTE: While this will fix the most common occurrences of the bug, we have identified one edge case that is still possible to hit, but far more rare. We are continuing to work on a fix for that edge case and will have that resolved very soon as well.

        Pass Coverage
        • Made additional improvements to Cover 4 Quarters Trips logic in order to better defend certain pass route combinations.
        • Addressed a press animation issue with the Curl Flat defender in Cover 3 which would occasionally lead to that defender not properly carrying out his pass coverage assignment

        Don't forget to watch the Madden Challenge starting on March 15th! This event will be broadcast live on Twitch.tv/eamaddennfl with the final on March 17th! For more information on Title Updates and the NFL Combine program, watch “Madden Daily Drops” every morning (Mon-Sat) at 10:30 AM on Twitch!
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        • Download new title update went into the game and there's no new solos no house rules nothing I've done everything from reloading Madden redownloading Madden and still nada thing what is going on my gamertag is PREACHERDTP420
        • fix cover 2 i know you all see everyone in the game is running it every play game has gotten boring because everyone is running the same thing
        • Please Fix The “Big Nickel” Package .. Everyone Exploits it
        • @SouljaaSmooky I try to stay away from the Meta but I was just running with my normal books and started to pick up Big Nickel was smashing the Offense. Its up to the offense to ID the mike but dang.
        • [quote="Trickyright;c-2052047"]fix cover 2 i know you all see everyone in the game is running it every play game has gotten boring because everyone is running the same thing[/quote]

          or maybe you can learn how to make adjustments, every offense and every defense have an answer... step yall game knowledge up😂🤣.... yall expect the a.i. to do wverything for you😂🤣
        • Ea please fix the issue where in online play say your in a game competitive all of a sudden the game will speed up for no reason it really screws up plays when u could of won. Just saying make the game to where you dont wanna play it if anyone agrees please pay attention to this post and let ea know to fix this issue i k ow its on ps4 and especially on xbox one not know if on pc thank you ea i will look for the update to fix this game sync speed glitch. Sincerely pittbullcrusher @k@ as maddenpro561
        • Aeon712
          1 posts New member
          Any chance EA will fix online Franchises not being able to advance most commonly happens during year 5.
        • Congratulations ... made it to the end of the season and no acknowledgment or fix from the dev team regarding not being able to see opponents records on H2H online games.
        • I still can't see opponents records on h2h. Had the game since it dropped and still no changes...come on ea can we please get this fixed
        • Please add the offensive goal line set to each team play book. Also, why is it that defensive backs are out running receivers to passing locations? It feels as if the offense is slowed where receivers are just not getting to where they need to be! Also, the offensive line blocking is just awful! The whole concept behind the game is awful. There is too much cheating in the gameplay that makes any authenticity seem laughable!
        • Better late than never. Some of these should have been included at day one.
        • You should not be able to put 11 men coverage. Its unrealistic. Please make a patch where atleast 2 defensive lineman have to rush the passer. Please fix QB contain. Its a joke. Once the QB approaches the line of scrimmage, the "Container" should automatically acsend upon the QB to make the tackle. This probably will never be amended because alot of players need to move around with QB to manipulate the games short comings.Users are picking the fastest quarterbacks because of this. The user QB waits for you to take control of the QB "container" then will throw as pass behind you that goes through 2 of your defenders bodies. Learn to read defenses. Pocket passers are winning Superbowls.
        • Please, put one Server in Brazil. We need from low pings to play online franchise
        • Please fix defense assist when u press the button the defender runs right pass the ball carrier.


          I have never played "MUT" and will continue to only play onlinr H2H

          Fix my ranking
        • For madden 20 I think y’all should make a game similar to the modes in NBA2k such as a mycareer mode, a myGM,...etc.
        • Please fix the entire game!!! Thankyou!
        • Will the QB Vision be brought back or at least made optional 4 gamers that want 2 play with it like the tackle vision? Ball trajectory & ball placement is hasn't been good since the PS2... I feel like I'm throwing blind on the game, because there are areas of the field I know exactly where I'd like attack but can't because there's no exact control of throwing the ball. Especially when opponents can play on the middle linebackers or safeties and just sit in the middle of the field & be able 2 defend any pass thrown... There's has 2b better flexibility in the passing games against these "nano/glitch" defenders & defenses..
        • Oh and i think people who lab the game are the reasons why this game is pathetic, its exposed. EA.. Better get right!!!
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