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Need to fix Rankings

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We are nearing the point where you could save the money paid to the NFL. We don’t need names if the rankings are ridiculous. Top Darius Slay is what - a 95? And there is some Simmons safety for Denver that is a 97?! He is a 60 on Pro Football Focus — an 82 is thr highest he should get. Need to have tiers — unless u r a legend/HOF’er - nothing 98-99. Multi-probowler or nfl record holder 95-97 — etc. Can’t have no-name scrubs out-dueling the best that have ever played...


  • rlkihne
    17 posts Member
    I will help — for free. Need a weighting system. Should be easy.
  • Every single solo challenge or battle I've played where I faced Case Keenum my defense has gotten ripped to shreds drive after drive after drive regardless of defensive play calling as though Keenum were the most elite QB to ever touch the pigskin. It's absolutely ridiculous.
  • You have GOT to be kidding?! A 97 Lamar Jackson?! What was his QBR?!!! Game is officially trash. Who is doig the ratings - the Kardashians?!
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