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What's next?

Now i have 106 ovr WR who has almost all 99 stats. I'm wondering will you change the limit for stats? Because if it stays like this, it's pointless. I can get 4 more players with +1 ovr boost, my WR will be like 110 ovr with all 99 stats..I took WR for example, almost all players are maxed and now you can't get any advantage


  • Koalii33
    176 posts Member
    how the hell is your wr even a 106?...I haven't got a player higher than 102
  • Hahaha magic 😁 when you watch your lineup it says he's 101, but when you flip that card you can see he's 106, or maybe 105 :) all players from draft and versus promos pushed him to 106
  • Koalii33
    176 posts Member
    edited May 2019
    I have every versus player and 2 of the draft masters and my Antonio Brown is still just 102. so it must be something else pushing him that high
  • Koalii33
    176 posts Member
    Nevermind... mine says 107 ovr on the back. I thought your card was showing 106 on the front
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