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CH Lawrence Taylor Will Cost Money No Matter What

176 posts Member
First EA makes Versus too easy and now they make Campus Heroes too hard. Unless im doing the math wrong there's no chance to get Lawrence Taylor without spending madden cash.

Example: You can only get 42 tokens per day with the event (30), spending 50k (6), and spending 1k blitz tokens (6).

It costs 3 tokens to get 25 of any collectible (notebook, pencil, snack). 42 tokens ÷ 3 is 14.
so 14 x 25 collectibles = 350. Split that 350 between the notebooks, pencils, and snacks and it comes out to roughly 116 of each. Multiply that by the 11 days of the event and it comes out to 1276 of each.

To get Jones, Donald, and Kuechly you'll need 2,320 of each.

To get Jones, Pouncey, and Kuechly you'll need 2,140 of each.

So there's no way in hell to get Lawrence Taylor without spending money. You'll be lucky to get one guy let alone three. I guess they figure they basically gave everyone free 99s with the Versus event... now it's time for everyone to pay.

The thing it's what do we need anymore 99s for anyway. The +1 ovr boosts from the draft masters and the versus masters pretty much makes everyone a 99 anyway. I hope this event is a failure


  • EA_David
    308 posts EA Community Manager
    edited May 2019
    Hey, it looks like some changes are incoming. I haven't done the math myself so I'm not sure if Taylor will be grindable FTP, but the changes should make things a bit easier.

    The stamina pack cooldown will be dropping to 8h with the next reset, and some more changes will likely come Sunday or Monday.

    I'll put any updates/specifics in the main thread here: https://forums.ea.com/en/madden-nfl/discussion/244081/campus-heroes-guide/p1?new=1

  • Before on boom or bust we could get 25-40 on ironclad. This set up gives you less?
  • Koalii33
    176 posts Member
    Well I guess that's something that they've changed it to every 8 hours. But then again it's kind of a double edged sword. Yeah they're making it more accessible at every 8 hours but that means you need to spend 3k blitz tokens and 150k coins per day. So doing it everyday for the length of the event will cost you 30k blitz tokens and 1.5 million coins. personally I don't have a problem with that but I think about those kids that play the game that don't have that amount to use.
  • Yea they need to make 1000 blitz tokens 50,000 thats in store under packs cause they are 60000 versus the 50,000 for ch 6 pick
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