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Campus Heroes guide

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The illustrious Rshoots has put up a neat guide to the Campus Heroes promo on Reddit and MUThead, you can see it below.

  • FTP can get one 99 OVR or two 97 OVR with no packs
  • Based on new HSD and Hartz announcement, FTP and packs can get 2 99 or maybe all 3 99 OVR Masters + LT
  • It is best to do the Supplies event (football logo) chain until you get further along because you get 27 items vs 25 (but no players)
  • Do the other events only to get the extra books, or snack, or pencils if you are only going for one Master

  • 5,824 Total Supplies Obtainable by grinding
  • 6,420 Total Supplies required for 3 Master
  • Need to buy 600 additional supplies (possible improved based on Hartz comments)

Promo Basics
  • Badges = Stamina
  • Daily Boom or Bust (Silver, 2 Gold, 10 Textbooks)
  • BT and coin packs give stamina which is 6 CH badges and have a 24hr cooldown.
  • For snacks, pencils, and textbooks event chains you’ll get 5 per chain event and 10 more at in the pack for a total of 25 per chain.
  • Supplies event chain will give you 27 - 9 each of snacks, pencils and textbooks— 2 of each per event, 3 of each in the pack at the end.

  • Maurkice Pouncey (requires more pencils)
  • Julio Jones (requires more snacks)
  • Luke Kuechly (requires more textbooks)
  • Aaron Donald (even balance of all three)
Obtain 3 of 4 to get:
  • Lawrence Taylor

  • CH Badge Event - 30 Badges daily
  • Boom or Bust Event - 10 random Tools + 1 Silver+ + 2Gold+ & + chance of Diamond Promo player (5%?)
  • Four Chains - Chain reward 25 Tools + XP + Gold+ & Silver+ players
Snacks - 25 Snacks
Pencils - 25 Pencils
Textbooks - 25 Textbooks
Supplies - 27 total (9 each) but no players.

  • Summer School (Sets) -> TP
  • Snack -> Captain badges
  • Pencil -> Coaches whistles
  • Textbooks -> XP

  • Boom and Bust event PROBABLY gives chance of Angel 50-90 extra Tools and/or (b) Diamond program player


Per HSD:
  • Starting tomorrow, we will be reducing the stamina pack cooldowns to 8 hours. This change will help with progression towards multiple Masters.
  • Additionally, we are looking at possibly increasing event costs and rewards proportionally to reduce the amount of time needed to complete the Masters. It will likely be Sunday or Monday before this type of change can happen though.

Per Hartz:
  • As HSD mentioned we will be changing the cost and rewards of the event chains with our Sunday deploy. Last we spoke, the plan was to just double the cost and rewards to respect player time a bit more.
  • Personally not very happy with how the math is shakes out when running the numbers again, so right now we are reworking some of the math to better reward people that are putting a lot of their free time into the game this late in the season.
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  • Useless cards with useless boosts.
  • We need stats over 100, not more 99 masters with some boost
  • I like the cards. This type of card should have been done for the versus event and been an uncappable power boost. As in with all power boost to 20 my cards read 120.

    Worst thing about game is it gets capped on exerything. There are NO perjs to buying anything doing that. Blitz tokens, timers, xp, power, plays,

    I say why limit it. Let teams build high and when reaching certain levels in xp stuff give out player card with boosts or power

    Quit doing thr +1 overall cards so that dts arent 99 speed. Create better boosts for just one part like these cards
  • I just don't see the point of wasting my time for this to get a player with some boost who has the same stats as a player I already have.
  • I just don't see the point of wasting my time for this to get a player with some boost who has the same stats as a player I already have.

    Cards came too late in the game and should of been sooner so that game power would have mattered and alot of people could have saved on training points

    Now that everyone has got to lvl 60 and 3000 power

  • NoNameGivn
    3 posts New member
    The LT set failed for me. anyone else? I got the 99 Luke, Julio, and Pouncey... the LT Set is still dead... WTH?
  • Failed for me too. Case opened. Told to wait as they resolve it.
  • NoNameGivn
    3 posts New member
    Good to know I’m not the only one! I opened a case too and they told me to check forums too... also got screwed in Powerline event, Power Cell event crashed opened tey want another one to resume. Game is a hot mess right now. THANKS!
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