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Help Needed Making Custom Madden NFL Rosters (2001-Current:) [Training & Pay Given If You Qualify!]

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Hello, I am the jagsfan97. The official creator of the custom Madden NFL Rosters For MD2020-MD2012 so far.
I have thousands of people downloading my Rosters and people have also private messaged me telling me how much they & their friends enjoy my created Rosters.
I am offering an opportunity of a lifetime so read carefully:

I am offering anyone under these listed circumstances below to learn from the best Madden Roster creator in the world (There's very little competition with so many amateurs out there) how to make Madden NFL Rosters.
I will be willing to personally train you, and if you do exactly as I instruct, pay you as long as you deliver on what's expected out of this job.
Making Madden Rosters the right way that's truly authentic and enjoyable for thousands of people is not an easy task/job.
It takes 50 hours to be exact to do it right and very few people in the world are even willing to put as much effort as I do to making these Rosters.
You will be responsible for finishing the project I began last September when I first started these masterpieces we call Madden Rosters (MD2011-MD2003 Rosters specifically.)
I have been making Madden Rosters for 10 years now and have gone through all the learning experiences you are going through now and in the years to come.
This job is repetitive, long, mentally & physically tiring, and will even test your willpower to keep pushing to the end with 8 different phases/steps to complete for each roster.
On average, I'm able to create a Madden Roster once a month if I'm really going at it 13 Hrs/Week.
I love playing custom Rosters that dates back all the way to 2001 when the Houston Texans first started playing in the NFL.
It's so much fun to play a bit of history in each game you play on the custom Madden Rosters and it's also very satisfying to see thousands of downloads from fans across the globe who share the same passions as I do, and I very much appreciate the private messages I receive from fans as well.
If you would like to learn & be trained from the literal master of Madden Rosters and be paid for a job well done for each Roster you complete then please do message me at:
[Removed personal information]

Pay will be provided after training and for each Roster completed.
I live specifically in East Texas and so if you are serious about being paid to play Madden then you also must live in Texas due to training being in person.
Thank you & I look forward to meeting you soon!
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  • thekingcf
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    I would be perfect to help you. I have been manually updating rosters for my madden 08 on the gamecube. ITs the last best madden to me and i love the gameplay. So I would be perfect for this. Unfortunately anytime i do play the newer maddens i played it on xbox one. I had to borrow it to play the newer maddens. But I am no longer in position to play on the xbox one anymore. So if you could help me get an xbox one for $50 or cheaper I would be happily to help you even if you dont pay at all.
  • EA_Roger
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    @s205213 , I've also removed your personal information as it's against the rules to share personal information on the forum in order to protect you. I encourage you to share your PSN/GT for people to message you there or ask people to message you on the forum/comment here.
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