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Zone defense madden 20?

Has any logic been added to this years game??
In madden 19 zone defenders were capable of covering two different offensive players with positioning. When I’m real life it’s simply too much ground for one player to cover. Example: your TE is running an outside post and your RB is running a flat, the outside CB would just stand in the middle 5+ yds from both players and either make an INT on a throw to the TE or make a stop for 0 yds on your RB. Zone defenders should have to make decisions on who to guard more closely.

This same logic applied on cover 2 when two safeties were capable of covering 4 streaking receivers.


  • I too would like to know if they've improved the zone AI logic. However, I kind of understand why some of the zones are over played the way they are.

    For starters, the QB has a completely unrealistic view of the field. So if for example the defense is in cover 2, there's no reason not to run 4 verticals all game long because that's an extreme easy read to make, as two of your receivers will undoubtedly be open on every play.

    To some extent this is true now in Madden 19. It's just that the windows to throw the ball (usually in the seams as the TE or the Slot receiver runs past the linebackers) are very tight.

    Cover 2 zones are supposed to cover two halves of the deep field (not perfectly and yes there are weaknesses especially against trips or four wide formations) but I'd like to see better coverage versus worse.

    Ideally, no coverage would be static and it would always keep the offensive player guessing regardless of coverage base.
  • I think this coverage flaw shows up the most when users learn to manipulate a zone blitz. I’m really excited that they have toned down the user lurking with linebackers, but in previous games players could force you to throw into windows where one AI defender could play two people perfectly.
  • Yeah, I agree. We'll have to wait and see how it plays. I'm hearing different things from different people on Youtube about zones being weak or lurking being weak (I hope this is true).

    The thing about it is though, that if the defensive AI can't play relatively well to the position they're playing, then it makes it really easy for the human opponent to abuse it which results in Madden 19 crossing routes. And if there's one type of route that consistently makes it easy to read and exploit the AI then you have a "meta" that everything else can be built around and that's not fun (not for me anyway).

    I think it's all about having small windows to make throws and having to make quick and accurate reads both pre and post snap. If they can get that right, and prevent people from developing an AI busting "system" using the same exact formations and plays over and over again, this would be a lot of fun to play.
  • I totally agree with you. I think the situations you are describing keep a lot of football minded players out of the top 100 leader boards.

    I think one way to prevent offenses from finding “meta” schemes would be replacing the shading adjustment with specific route groups for your secondary to cover.

    1. Streak/posts
    2. Slants/crossing routes
    3. Outs/curls
    4. Double moves
  • rumka74
    39 posts Member
    I think zones needs to be fixed and the tackling system needs to be fixed
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