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Russell Wilson, Khalil Mack Amongst Madden 20 Superstar X-Factor Players.

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Over the past several weeks, we’ve started to get a look at a number of the Madden 20 Superstar X-Factor players. Thanks to early footage from gamers, and recent reveals from EA, we’re getting to know the names of the special in-game abilities and which players will have them. Just recently, we’ve seen that Russell Wilson, Khalil Mack, George Kittle, and more players will join the X-Factor abilities party.

Russell Wilson, George Kittles’ Superstar X-Factor Abilities

Just recently, we reported that Madden is revealing the X-Factor players this month. On Monday (June 17), the official Xbox Twitter account tweeted out a photo of the Seattle Seahawks’ star quarterback Russell Wilson from Madden.

It includes Wilson’s X-Factor ability and Star abilities that he’ll have in the game. Wilson’s X-Factor Zone ability is called “Blitz Radar.” When he enters the zone he’ll see extra blitzers once the ball is snapped. Gamers will see them as highlighted players.

It’s almost like a superhero who can see better in the dark with night vision. That gives Wilson the ability to escape the blitz with his scrambling skills.

In addition, Wilson has three different star abilities. He’ll have “Escape Artist” which is an improved scrambling speed when he’s behind the line of scrimmage.

There’s also “Dashing Deadeye” to give him perfect pass accuracy as he’s running outside the pocket. Finally, Wilson has “Agile Extender.” It gives him increased ability to get away from a blitzing DB trying for the sack.

Wilson joins several other quarterbacks we’ve seen in the X-Factor reveals so far. They include the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady and Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes. The cover athlete has that special Bazooka power in the game allowing him to toss the ball up to 80 yards down the field.

In a seperate tweet from Madden’s Twitter on Monday, we saw a reveal of the “RAC ‘Em Up” X-Factor ability along with three NFL players. They were Odell Beckham Jr. (Cleveland Browns), Antonio Brown (Oakland Raiders), and George Kittle (San Francisco 49ers). Kittle is the latest reveal of those players as we’ve seen the other two in videos from Youtubers.

More Madden X-Factor stars revealed in YouTube video

Last week we told you of several Madden gameplay videos that arrived to YouTube. Those Madden 20 videos included the Browns’ Odell Beckham Jr. and Dallas Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott among others. Another video we’ve found is from gamer QJB on YouTube. It has the aforementioned X-Factor players Patrick Mahomes and Russell Wilson. But wait, there’s more.

That includes Chicago Bears defensive stars Khalil Mack who has the “Unstoppable Force” as his Superstar X-Factor ability. He’ll have a better chance to win against the one-on-one pass blocker when he’s in the zone.




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