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Game Face Editor in CFM?

1 posts New member
Hey guys!
Do you know that we have the same face editor tool in franchise mode as the QB1 mode has?
Or Did they at least give us new faces to use for rookie players? I'm sick of the faces of recent Maddens.
I think the draft class creation only works if I can give a bit of uniqueness to the rookies who can be future superstars. Anyone?


  • You will be able edit preset default faces i think there are around 80 faces, same as last year minus colt and devin.
  • kise17
    1 posts New member
    Okay, but is this mean that I can change the faces one from the other. (like last year) Or they implemented a tool so I can edit the choosen preset. (like change his hair, nose, eyes etc.)

    Thanks by the way for your answer! :)
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