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Stat tuning

Good afternoon all. I just wanted to know will there be a pre-launch stat tuning. The reason being after watching and listening to a few videos about the recent beta, in particular franchise mode nothing has been done to tune the stats for the following; Rushing yards for mobile quarterbacks, #receptions for elite receivers ( i.e. Cam Newton, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, etc. ) one video stated after multiple simulations of seasons the highest rush totals for a quarterback was 64 yards. Since there’re going to be all of these X-factors why not properly tune the stats to correspond to it. I.e. Antonio Brown, A.J. Green, Julio Jones, etc catch a lot of passes a year, but yet in madden 19 neither one never led the league in catches/yards. Madden 18 stat tuning was a little more accurate. Thank you.


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