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(PS4) Kicking Meter Disappears

This is on PS4, the kicking meter disappears


  • NatureBoy2323
    3704 posts Game Changer
    Does it happen all the time, or just in certain situations?
  • kue20
    5 posts New member
    It happens about 70% of the time and I'm on a Xbox so its not just you... I kick a kick off or a field goal and the meter will say accurate but another line pops up in the meter that either shanks the kick or makes it fall extremely short
  • mromero27
    1 posts New member
    This is happening on PS4 as well. Kicking and punting are a disaster. I'm kicking with McManus and can't get much further than a extra-point length field goal and kickoffs only go to about the 20.
  • I am experiencing the kicking meter actually is not there!!! There is no kicking meter when I kickoff or PAT!!! Basically, this is happening mostly in the 4th Quarter... it will be visible in the first 3 quarters then disappear in the 4th.
  • kewpie03
    1 posts New member
    My kicking meter disappears in the 4th quarter as well. Forces me to go for it on 4th downs and go for 2 after scoring touchdowns. Did anyone saw anything on how to correct this issue?
  • mystang45
    4 posts New member
    This happened to me too on Xbox One X.
  • urialdw
    1 posts New member
    This is happening on PC as well. I play with an xbox controller and when the kicking meter disappears the Running and passing routes also are not there when I hit the LT button.
  • edogg2k6
    1 posts New member
    I'm on XBox and this is happening to me, mostly at the end of the game. Hasn't killed me yet but it could. This is a serious, game breaking issue EA. Please.
  • Does EA ever plan on fixing this issue with the kicking meter? I have to say it really makes the game suck when you get the 4th quarter and you have to try and use the force to kick the ball
  • msm270win
    3 posts New member
    This same thing is happening on my PS4 it is ruining the game for me to EA needs to fix this.
  • Verduchi
    1 posts New member
    This happens to me on PC version every game from play one. I found a work around though. I pause the game then hit the windows key.... that minimizes the window... then I click back on the window... it goes full screen and I get my kick meter (and play arrows which vanish too) back. I normally have to do this 5-6 times before it finally stays fixed.
  • PS4: From what I can tell this happens every game with about 5 minutes left in the 3rd Quarter. I play full 15 minute Quarters. Once it happens it will continue for every kick for the remainder of the game. The only way I can figure out how to play through is at about 7 Minutes left in the 3rd I will SIM all kicks (kick offs, Punts, Field Goals).
  • When are they going to fix this issue
  • NatureBoy2323
    3704 posts Game Changer
    Can anyone who is having this issue, can you please make a video of what's going on and post it here on the forums so I can pass it along to the team for them to investigate. Thanks guys.
  • NatureBoy2323
    3704 posts Game Changer
    Just a reminder, if anyone that's having this issue and can post a video of it here on the forums, that would be great. Thanks everyone.
  • Yeah I'm having this problem too. It happens usually in the 4th quarter. Kick meter disappears and it never pops back up the rest of the game.
  • Dear EA, if all of us are having the same issue with the kicking bar disappearing in the 4th quarter. Why do we need to make a video of it for you to believe us? It’s not that hard, obviously it’s going away towards the end of the 3rd quarter and all of the 4th. Have one of your people play the game and you should see what everyone here is saying. Fix this!! It’s making the game extremely less enjoyable and will eventually start costing people games.
  • This is taking away from the game and making it hard to play.
  • My video
  • Just got off the phone with EA and the disappearing meter is apart of the game. It’s to make it more difficult they said but I told them that a lot of people are not happy with this new feature. Very very dumb move by EA. Bring the meter back!!!!
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