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Accelerated Clock...

When you click to shut it off it doesn't shut it off when you play the game the clock still accelerates...
In Play now mode...


  • Can you guys fix that I wanna be able to shut it off
  • NatureBoy2323
    3701 posts Game Changer
    Have you went into settings and turned it off?
  • The same thing happens to me. Yes, I went into settings and turned it off, but the clock still accelerates in off-line franchise mode.
  • Yes I did try and shut it off
  • Exactly if you going to give us the option to turn it off or on it should actually work....
  • It might be the new clock accel based on coming out of the huddle/lining up on the ball.

    Seems they estimate it takes 9 seconds to get to ball between plays so
  • The new "clock" is so terrible. It accelerates out of the huddle, when the CPU kicks, and its a time warp during "no-huddle". I don't know how they could decide to just mess up the clock. Maybe the developers dont like to play the game (MOMENTS), and they need to speed things up. I'm considering going to 7 minute quarters for all the time lost, I cant imagine if I actually tried to run the ball. Maybe to save time, they could bring the playbooks up as fast as possible, and not hold us hostage is whack cut scenes. I really dont want to leave the field from a camera perspective, so the no-huddle is gross. Plus, I'm usually hot routing and changing the play on the way back to the line. And there is no running to the line.

    I figured it out: The EA developers dont actually play the game!

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