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Please fix these issues

Hey guys Wanted to address a few things that can make madden more like real simulation football as opposed to arcade football.

1. Please fix the lurk ability in madden. I know football and I know for sure a linebacker can't cover the whole middle of the field it’s humanly impossible.
2. I know it’s a game and it will have glitches but if you know there are glitches with the game fix them. Please just don’t do anything about them because it takes the fun away from the game.
3. My biggest issue for sure with this game is the spammers. I am tired of going into lobbies beating a person they quit and I get the loss. I am also tired of people slowing down and speeding up the game to their advantages. It’s crazy because now 2 weeks into the game I don’t even want to play it. These issues take away from the real people who know football, the schemes, and concepts of playing the game. If it’s in the game EA let the realness and likeness being the game. People spend a lot of money on these games to not only have fun but compete.

Please be better, I look forward to hearing your replies,



  • lol in the game? This isnt even football anymore, there are 0 penalties when you play online, every play has pass interference but nevvvver called. You cant challenge plays at all anymore, and what happened to the refs? Lol please let someone else make a decent football game because EA has made it quite clear its only about money and know they can spoon feed the public literal garbage and sheep will eat it up.
  • Where are the Browns fans? Every
    team has their stadium sounds but not Cleveland why?
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