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Madden 20 Draft Classes

Have any of you guys played far enough into the future to see if your new rookies that you draft get their names pronounced? like Jennings, or Allen, isnstead of the "QB" or the "bid tight end" during gameplay? I just got madden and I'm wondering before I actually start Franchise mode.


  • Some last names do not all. Some of the names are position specific which is silly. They might say a name for a QB but not the same name for receiver. FB really get screwed. And they do not say any defense names which is horrible. Nobody gets name said either for scoring defense or offensive. This really kills Franchise for me. Can’t believe a simple thing like this which they had all the way back in madden 2000 they don’t have 20 years later. So sad.
  • This just discouraged me from playing completely. Like there's no point because 10 years down the road in the game no one will have their names said...NBA 2k is so far ahead of madden sometimes it embarrassing...
  • We ask for the same basic immersion every year in franchise mode, yet, every year, they ignore us again. I’d rather them predetermine every draft class and program all the players names to be said during game. And more head profiles would be nice, too. You end up having a bunch of players looking the same in each draft.
  • actually, after playing FOF for a few years. I can confirm that all the rookies I have drafted have their names said.

    for instance...."it's a handoff and its going to be McKoy, and boy do they really like this rookie"

    or.."Pass over the middle and it's Freeman with a 15 yard gain" "Touchdown and it's freeman with the grab"

    So, at least there has been some immersion. I'm not sure about actual franchise mode. I"m just playing face of the franchise right now.
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