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Face of the Franchise rushing is broken

Not sure if this the right category. Apologize if it is. But I believe the CPU rushing needs fixed. When there is an open space for the HB/FB to rush, they suddenly try to joke out defenders when it isn't necessary. Same with WRs.


  • yes. I was playing in the super bowl, and Doug Martin Broke to the outside for a huge gain, my receiver had the only DB in the way blocked and I was thinking TOUCHDOWN!!! BUT NO... Martin literally starts juking and allows a trailing LB to tackle him. I had to kick a FG, it was 3rd and long, and I end up losing the game by 3 points. I laughed but, now I'm kinda mad.
  • Omg, glad I found this it’s the worst! I just need someone to hit the hole called!

    & what difficulty are you guys on?!? I play on expert & the fumbles are unreal
  • I'm playing on all pro...madden is way to unrealistic for me...
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