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Can EA Sports and there employees help me please and thankyou.

Gathering rewards and building your team in mut is a challenge and a fun experience while doing so. With that being said, disconnection are becoming all to frequent and unacceptable. Weekend League 13-11 with six disconnection. In H2H, 2 Super Bowl disconnections. These DCs are not happening mid game, they are All happening before the game even starts, before the kickoff or kick return screen come on. It is increasingly frustrating and disappointing not being able to have the chance to receive any of the better rewards because of the DC issue. There is a big margin in rewards lost in H2H and WL that I have experienced lately.  As a loyal customer who enjoys playing  the game when it is possible to receive the rewards you deserve, this issue has become unacceptable for the time and money put into this game. Doing my best to stay positive in the community.  Does anyone out there have more wins then loses in DCs, or is everybody receiving losses?


  • NatureBoy2323
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    The disconnection problem is a known issue by the Dev team and they are looking into it. Thanks for your feedback.
  • It's a pretty big issue that they should think about compensating users for. We're 2 weeks post-release and it's been an issue from the start.
  • Scicchitano32
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    I agree. MUT players are missing out on short term offers due to the connectivity issues. I’ve tried playing the Lawrence Taylor challenge about 10 times but keep getting disconnected in the third and fourth quarter. Not only am I taking a loss and not gaining the power up legend card, but I’m wasting lots of real-life time.

    Of course, EA does little to at least let their customers know that they are aware of an issue and working on it. Communicate with the Madden Community EA so we know that you’re aware and care. Or maybe even let us know that we should stay away a while while you correct the issue. Again, it’s all about business and making money.

    You got me again this year, EA. Being a long-time franchise mode guy and once again seeing they aren’t aware or at least don’t care to make the effort to include the basic level of immersion in the franchise mode like that of NFL Fever and NBA 2k, I figured I’d give MUT a shot... but it has been nothing but a disappointment due to connectivity issues that have nothing to do with my personal high-grade internet connection.

    What EA needs is competition. This would force them to do more with the game each year. Or at least sub modes out to other game developers. But, then again, do we blame EA? Or do we blame the NFL for always selling out to the highest offer? In the end, everything is about the almighty dollar, not about the fans and consumers. They do enough to keep you hanging on. Drastic changes won’t occur until people stop buying the game... But we’ll keep buying, as it’s our only means to an NFL video game. We don’t have a choice.

    On a more positive note, the gameplay has improved and is awesome!

    But seriously, step it up EA and do what you’re more than capable of... it may or may not be your passion, but it’s most definitely your job.
  • > @NatureBoy2323 said:
    > The disconnection problem is a known issue by the Dev team and they are looking into it. Thanks for your feedback.

    Been buying one or two legend bundle packs a week + all level up packs + weekly elite packs. I also bought the ultimate superstar edition $100 and I am a EA access member. Hope the issue gets fixed because I really enjoy playing yall s game and don't mind spending ($50-$100) weekly when it's working correctly. Thank you for your response and I really appreciate all that you and your EA team does. If there is anything that I can be doing on my end to help the community to resolve this issue please let me know. Hope y'all have a blessed week.
  • Two games into the Back to School event, disconnected at the start. This game is being held back by such silly little things like not being able to get the servers working properly, it's unbelievable.
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