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I cannot believe how pay to win MUT is

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The regular game is great but ultimate team is the most unfair pay to win game I have ever seen . There is no way to compete with people who spend money on the game. Fifa you can bronze pack and trade player on the market for squad builders but this game makes it impossible to make coin and play with out paying real money. Im won't buy it again.


  • NatureBoy2323
    3704 posts Game Changer
    I play MUT all the time and I don't spend a dime on it. You just have to get in there and grind it out.
  • CheesyAmp
    2 posts New member
    Play solos if you can't win multiplayer.
  • Work the auction block, have a goal in mind for the players you want to build your team, work towards them in all the game modes. Yes, it's involved, but I don't buy packs and do OK...am I great at multiplayer? No, but I win at a decent clip. Brings me a lot of joy to shut down players that run the same two plays all game that paid $200+ for their team.
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