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(PS4) Kicking Meter Disappears


  • Gram7881
    7 posts New member
    No the meter is not there and that happens around 9 to 5 min in the 4th quarter. And if you turn machine off than on and reload game from where you turns it off it comes back its a glitch plain and simple
  • Quaiyen
    1 posts New member
    This started happening to me since monday in any quarter, several times per match or challenge in MUT. Not only the kicking meter disappears but the WR routes and the defender zones too (LT on the controller). I'm playing on PC and minimizing the game to desktop and tabbing back to the game solves it. But it's no fun having to do that several times per quarter.
  • Blazur7
    1 posts New member
    edited August 2019
    This literally just cost me the game. 24-24 Week 1 of my franchise with the Dolphins vs the Ravens. We're in OT, drove down the field and stalled out at the 34. Go to kick a FG and no meter shows up. All I can see where the meter is supposed to be is a circle with RS showing up. Tried calling a time out, nothing. Tried kicking without a meter showing and obviously missed by a mile. This needs to be fixed!!!!

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  • Some more info for the EA Staff ... I had this issue all through season 1 of my franchise team (Browns at Pro Level). After the superbowl, I switched to All-Pro and now after 3 pre-season games, I have not seen this issue resurface again in season 2. Not sure if this helps but as a consultant for a non-gaming software company, I know the more info the better.
  • Getting frustrated with the kicking meter disappears in the fourth quarter on my PS4. CAN EA PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!
  • Game seems unplayable until EA fixes the no kick meter issue. Just hope EA fixes the issue before regular season. Seems like they barely playtest the game before release.
  • Beezal32
    18 posts Member
    edited August 2019
    Can't see online head to head ranking anymore some bug or glitch which is the reason I play. head to head not mut this is crap I've bought this title ever since existence

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  • Gibba1924
    1 posts New member
    In the forth Quater you have to advance the play for extra points and kick offs in sim mode. not 100 % but its better than always kicking out of bounds?
  • Hey EA, it’s so cool that you went and made sure that Tom Brady doesn’t retire after 1 year and that you went and made sure that Phillip Lindsey has his epic Afro but come on you still can’t fix the damn kicking meter disappearing in the 4th quarter? You’ve put out 2 patches now and neither one fixed this issue. We all paid big money for this game and to keep having this issue is absolutely crap
  • Can't believe EA hasn't fixed this issue yet. All I know is it happens in the 4th quarter in madden connected franchise mode. No kick meter at all when you kick a fg, kickoff or a punt. It just doesnt show up. Please EA fix this problem.
  • This is soooo crazy that the meter still hasen't been fixed. People that had said oh its part of the game must be insane. Its like saying in the 4th your qb cant throw and can only run. Not being able to even attempt a field goal or kick a punt in the 4th is so so so frustrating. The people who asked for videos is also insane, cant you just turn on your console at the head quarters and play 1 game into the fourth and there you go. this game has such promise but it always ends up feeling like 1 step forward and 4 steps back. The dev trait is still not working properly after they supposedly fixed it too . Making it hard to keep playing this game. smh please fix these basic gameplay issues as the game is unplayable. thanks
  • meter is there just doesnt work propeerly
  • NatureBoy2323
    2886 posts Game Changer
    It's a know issue and is being investigated by the Dev Team. We already have a thread on the subject if would like to continue the discussion. Thanks.

  • I just had this happen as well. I play as the Eagles in offline franchise mode. I played the entire first season plus one playoff game with no problems. I play on 10 minute quarters.

    I get to the divisional round vs the Cowboys (the fact this happened v the Cowboys makes it 10x more frustrating lol)

    We go to 2nd(!!) OT with no problems. I break a ~50yd run with Miles Sanders down to the 15 yard line. Obviously I choose to kick the field goal, and for the first time in over a month of playing the game, I get no kicking meter. Call timeout, still no meter. I figure this must be some feature for kicking in double OT, and miss the kick horribly. Cowboys drive down and kick the game winner.

    Come here to find out it's not a feature, but a glitch. God Damn that's a frustrating way to end the season.

    Happened on PS4
  • JMEllis2020
    7 posts Member
    edited September 2019
    It is happening to me too, I have a video, but have no clue how to post it.

    [Removed call out]
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  • I'm having the issue to and I have a video but don't know how to post it. It is happening on Xbox One as well. Come on Madden team, give us a game that isn't completely unplayable at times because of glitches. I know y'all are better than this, don't let me down.
  • Still an issue months later. Hello EA? Are you there?
  • NatureBoy2323
    2886 posts Game Changer
    Can any of you who have had this issue see if it's still happening after today's title update? Thanks.
  • > @NatureBoy2323 said:
    > Can any of you who have had this issue see if it's still happening after today's title update? Thanks.

    Just finished a game after update and still happening but the notes didn't say it was resolved.
  • NatureBoy2323
    2886 posts Game Changer
    Hedges997 wrote: »
    > @NatureBoy2323 said:
    > Can any of you who have had this issue see if it's still happening after today's title update? Thanks.

    Just finished a game after update and still happening but the notes didn't say it was resolved.

    I am just trying to gather info so the team can get this issue resolved. Thanks for your feedback. Has anyone else who has downloaded today's title update seen the kicking meter disappearing? Thanks everyone.
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