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Franchise Still Needs More Basic Immersion

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edited August 2019
What immersive features franchise mode needs:

Better auto-generated rookie classes, with more than the select few heads they have now (too many players look the same).

Generated players’ names all need to be said by commentators... without this, the game becomes too generic.

More records (kicking, punting, team, etc.).

Playoff statistical records for players and team.

Super Bowl statistical records for players and teams.

Better Hall of Fame and stat tracking (Keeping the history of each player would be awesome)

All-Pro awards.

Team ring of honor, retired jerseys, etc.

Statistical Reset (bare with me)...
Ability to start NFL off in year one with everyone as rookies.

Ability to reset record books and start it from scratch.

Player statistical and career reset: the ability to take a veteran player, erase their stats and records, and start them over as rookies.

Legends as rookies in auto-generated draft classes (no duplicates)

Ability to customize and edit team conferences and divisions.

Ability to add expansion teams.

Maybe a list off the top 100 players each year.

These are just some of the basic things that would make franchise mode AWESOME


  • They can’t even accurately keep stats of current players...half of players have a year of their stats missing in their career stats.... and i don’t really like the idea of resetting stats. Takes away from the game in my opinion. But i like everything before “ability to reset record books.”
  • BAM854
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    Totally agree with the stats. Im hoping this is fixed soon. I think I remember this happening either on last year's game or the year before not sure. But it was fixed maybe when we get a roster update in a few weeks
  • I was just suggesting the stat reset as an option. I’m all for customization option. A user should have the ability to decide if they want to reset or not.
  • Hey fellas, I have been debating getting this year's Madden but wanted to get some info if you can help. I share the same mindset about almost everything you've mentioned previously. Am I understanding correctly that EA still hasn't added Team individual career records or done anything extra to the franchise mode? Thanks for any feedback you can give.
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