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This game is uncharted waters for me

I'm not having fun. Maybe its the zone defense. Maybe it is the stale franchise mode. Maybe it is getting a cheap win against the AI because they will not call a time out with 2 seconds left to kick a FG. Maybe it is because EA, for whatever reason, decided to substantially reduce off ball injuries after making a big deal about it last year. Maybe it is because I am just tired of watching AI defenders spin/bull rush out of double team blocks.

I don't know what it is. But for a guy like me... someone who plays a couple of games a week as a diversion, this is a serious matter. And I am NOT the guy who whines, whines, and whines about "never buying another game." I can let a LOT of things slide in video games but man, EA... you're seriously testing the limits of what I can accept.

Maybe the patch will save this game. Or maybe (once again) we're chasing that unicorn. Who knows. It's one thing when the perpetual whiner complains, but again... when a 'go with the flow' and 'it is what it is' kind of guy talks about the ridiculousness, that is significant.


  • I feel you Kenny, I posted my gripes in General Discussion, Madden 20 Pros and Cons.. I tried to put my finger on it, but there is just something wrong with Madden 20. Some underlying issues that are terrible annoying, and I end up not wanting to play the game. Is it the terrible run game, no, I got over that last season. Is it that the movement got better, but stupider. Is it the oddities in the graphics. Maybe its all the one handed catches and balls through body parts. Maybe we expected more, we expect too much. We wanted that ooh and ahh feeling a crisp, new, well thought, out well improved, smart, well executed madden 20. Pat Mahomes may be on the cover, but Lamar Jackson is the best player in the game. Its frustrating to say the least. I keep buying it, I buy it early, every year since the golden '90s. Madden release day is My Christmas, but this year Santa slipped me that coal
  • It MAJORITY of the game. 95% of big hits are fumble... there is a suction vacuum for big hits , drawing players into the big hit... There is also a huge gap filler, or field tilt to let lower skilled players have better CPU players to make up for the gap. Inconsistency is beyond belief in this game and THE DROPPED passes are completely out of hand. Way too much money spent on this game in order to be a ARCADE style game in the halls of Dave and buster
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    Yes the big hits in Madden are unreal. They need to tone it down a little. I sometime is on the winning side and at times on the losing.
  • Plain and simple, the game has gone stale. I know exactly what the OP is talking about, i used to play game after game after game of madden win or lose. Now I find even when i win a game im just glad the circus act is over and dont want to sit through another 40 mins of **** and players being manipulated for some simulated outcome.
  • I play head to head online and offline franchise against my brothers the game hasn't really lived up to the hype none

    cb laying big hits but can't conservative tackle SS/FS one handing int I don't expect a perfect game but the flaws are everywhere the user lurk is ridiculous how are run stop lb cover 3rds of the field running around with no speed penalty east west north south at full speed...

    3yrs into franchise mode it's random generate that are star players better than X-Factors and new players the regression and skill development is horrible along with the scenario engine in the game just make it make sense

    Overall: 5/10
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