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AI control most of the game and outcomes!

Is it just widely accepted that because you can only control 1/11 players at a time you have to just heavily rely on your AI in most situations? I mean it's so overall dependant there is very little as a user you can do if you have more than 1 mismatch, like 2 87+ wrs and you only have 1 85+ DB its gonna be an easy day for the QB just lobbing passes up to the WR that beat the AI every play. Whether it be slants posts 5 and outs drags or just outright streaks blowing by an inferior AI DB, there is someone open on every play, not because the user is so skillful, but simply because the AI makes it so. And also if the game does rely so heavily on overall and AI stats why is the matchmaking so messed up? Like if i pic the bucs or 49ers it shouldn't match me vs KC Pats or Rams every single game. Then in MUT im a 79 overall playing 87+ overalls. Even the best player in the world cant over come a game with that big of a handicap, which is my point its not user skill that wins its AI.


  • My dude, i been saying for years now that this game doesnt require football IQ and skill anymore, its who can manipulate the poor programming better. Thats why when you watch these top players at Madden tournaments they only have like 3-4 plays they run with some audible routes that trick the AI into leaving them uncovered
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