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Double Tap when selecting play

Bug in playcalling now where you have to double tap the button to play you select.


  • Yes. I noticed this immediately playing my first game post patch.

    I really hate to say it but that's why I can't get excited over patches. It seems like patches fix two things but mess up four others.
  • Yep. Same issue. It’s caused me to pick the wrong play several times
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  • Xarxies
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    Same issue 1 step forward, 4 steps back. Same old EA...
  • I hate this game already DB's stand there and look at the ball when there in position to intercept it when the ball is right in front of them miss tackling broken tackles poor tackling no matter what formation you use on defense the receiver still catches the ball zone defense is broken man coverage doesn't work either the playbooks you have to press twice now to select a play you got all these young trash players young kids spamming the same plays over and over and over again it's absolutely ridiculous that EA allows this to happen I've never seen a madden game with so many glitches bugs
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