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Strafe Glitch .. and EAs refusal to fix

Maybe I'm the only one experiencing this, but during presnap movement on defense, if you are moving your player ever so slightly, because he cant walk, he either runs, or stands still... you will see the player do a little hop, then be stuck in strafe for the rest of the play. For whatever reason EA refuses to fix the glitch, that wasnt there when the game was released.

So I've made a new theory.. They did it on purpose.

This strafe glitch is designed to make madden actually work. Its used by the CPU to hang up a linebacker on key plays. EA cant get the line, or the backs to block, so it decided that this strafe glitch would cripple the user controlled player on important plays or possessions, so the CPU can get yards and impose its will. Because if it didnt pop the strafe glitch ... I would be getting constant pressure, the CPU would never move the ball, the blowouts would come early and often, and so the CPU needs a way to win, without actually playing. Like the ricochet catches, or the fumbles.

While im here,

Real NFL players get off the ground very fast, they dont fall and then give up, or not be able to get up. So on an interception, I'd love to see my DB roll and hit the ground running, as opposed to laying and waiting there. Then again the Pick-6 would be all the time. Usually the DB starts off running the wrong way because of the camera view spin.

CPU intentional grounding remains terrible.

The animation where after a DB gives up a big play, and then he stands there and complains, and stops playing football needs to go away. This isnt the NBA where a player stops playing to argue with a ref. NFL players keep playing football. If a DB ever gave up a pass and just stood there, waiving his arms, he'd be cut the next day.

It seems hard to run forwards after an offense player starts to run backwards, which probably doesnt happen for real players.

And QBs dont run backswards to avoid a sack and give up 15-20 yards, they just go down and mitigate the damage... I mean I'll take it when a QB panics and heads for his own end zone, but it looks a little silly.

Sometimes CPU HBs have wide open lanes, but say, na, I'm gonna take a hard right here, and slam into a defender, I dont want the big play. Im allways like pheww, that looked bad. But then I think the CPU game play is bad.

Clock management for the CPU is pretty rigid. You're down 4 scores in the 3rd its time to go for it on 4th down... but its the CPU, urgency only sets in under 2 minutes.

The NFL uses a lot of play action, jet motion, and screen game... but Madden is gonna stick to the playbooks from the 90's

Have all the developers watch NFL football this weekend, then have them play the game of MADDEN, then have then talk about how to make the former come closer to the latter.



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