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Tuesday Training Refund

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Hey Madden Ultimate Team Community,

Earlier this week, we released a Title Update that had an unforeseen impact to X-Factor Superstar Ability, Superstar Abilities, and Chemistry purchase requirements. For a very short period of time, players were able to add these abilities and chemistries to their player items that were gated by OVR requirements.

Later today (Friday, August 23rd), The MUT Development team will be removing those abilities and chemistries from player items as they were not supposed to be available to them unless the appropriate OVR requirements were met. After these abilities are removed, the MUT Development Team will be sending out a make-right to players impacted that will do the following:
  • Refund the original amount of the training cost for the ability and/or chemistry purchased
  • Add an additional 20% of training the overall cost of the ability for the inconvenience.
If you purchased multiple abilities, you will received a make-right for each ability purchased.

As actions are taken to resolve this issue, we will update this thread.

- The Madden Ultimate Team

8/23 2:30PM ET UPDATE: All make-rights have been granted to all players on all platforms (PC, PS4, and X1).
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  • Hello, EA

    I would like to reemphasize my call to support to today to this forum. I updated my players chemistries right after the update. As you can imagine a lot of time goes into the process. I must emphasize that I had no idea this was an error, but rather a cool new feature EA added with adding chemistries features. After a absorbent amount of time, card selling, redoing chemistries after already changing chemistries I have not got back anywhere near the value or time I have put into this game. I have stopped playing the game since hearing about this so called "training reimbursement". I feel really depressed in how EA can make a mistake, and not even being given a choice about an error EA makes. For whatever reason EA takes away the chemestries away that people like me who genuinely thought this training upgrade was part of the update. Please send this message to the hire ups. This is deeply concerning to me, I feel EA has made an unethical decision.


    Brandan Tschannen
  • So, those that didn't capitalize or realize don't get an extra 20% training?
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