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10/7 Content & Make-Rights

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Hey Madden Ultimate Team Community,

Earlier today, we experienced some unforeseen issues where content was delayed. Prior to this delay, we took the necessary action to stop all in game messaging highlighting that LTD Aaron Donald was available. After issues were resolved at 11:28AM ET, all the appropriate messaging was made visible in game.

Around 10:45AM ET earlier today, our social channels tweeted about Flashbacks and LTD Aaron Donald content coming to Madden Ultimate Team. We understand that players may have taken this as an indication that content was available. To address this concern, we will be doing a make-right for those players impacted on Monday, October 7th from 10:30AM ET to 11:28AM ET. Details on the make-rights, including exactly which purchased packs will be included, will be shared once that information is available.

Thanks for your understanding and your patience. We will continue to partner with our social channels to confirm content is fully available prior to messaging to our players.

- The Madden Ultimate Team
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  • As long as you are correcting MUT content, Jim Brown never played Half Back. He like Franco Harris spent his entire career and is enshrined in the Hall Of Fame as a Full Back. And Gale Sayers is far too low as a return man. He is below Tyler Lockett at comparable ratings.
  • Fullbacks used to do the bulk of the running back then though
  • Donald wasn’t in packs until 3pm EST, you know it, and the internet has proof.
  • This make right does not support the wrong done. The 58 minutes is incorrect, absolutely nothing about yesterday was correct. Servers became under maintenance in the late morning, around the said time the issue was “found and fixed”. During this server maintenance the players could not take advantage of all online play, ie Solo battles. Also within this time the Auction House produced zero Aaron Donald’s. Although this card is limited to 1million it took 2 hours in the least for one Aaron Donald to show on not just the Xbox One console Auction House but the PlayStation 4 console Auction House also. So the probability of after two hours one of these cards between two consoles showing up at the same time with the amount of packs players purchase with either coins or actual money makes this probability extremely far fetched. Then to top it all off players weren’t able to log into their accounts with sustainability until close to 8pm est. This is close to an accumulated 10 hours of EA related issues that affected all EA players game play. When issues of this magnitude affect a franchise such as EA to such a degree that they cannot offer their services to their customers for hours on end which results in lost revenues across every console and game then that issue was something that had a serious affect on the players/customers. So with all the money and coin spent yesterday the make right only covers 58 minutes passed 10:30am est. I beg to hear the rebuttal to this comment.
  • I was ripping packs spent points $50 to pull Donald at 10:45 am ct and he wasn’t in packs on Xbox proof is there gt imabumatmadden
  • Will there be anything about DNF in Solo battle bc server Downtime after you told us Maintance is Over we good to go?
  • I spent 960k on 8 legend fantasy packs around 2pm eastern time hoping to have a chance at this new promoted player. He was not on the auction house and checked forums to only find out many others had same issue. I strongly believe this was false advertisement and should be reimbursed.
  • what takes so long just do it like last week refund all the packs you know how that works
  • j2trizzy
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    Elite player packs should gets refund can you guys please look into that
  • Krans23
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    I know that this is a long shot to get a phone call from you guys but here goes nothing.

    I contacted Support today about the make up packs from Monday October 7th. The people I spoke with were very friendly on the matter. I was on the phone with them for 30 minutes to plead my case about this whole situation. I was told to come here to voice my frustration, in hopes to get in contact with someone from the team. I understand that mistakes happen, it's human nature. No one is perfect. But the fact that y'all are claiming this 35 minute window or whatever to make up for this mistake is completely false. There is so much proof of it out there, that it's impossible to ignore!! I purchased a 8x Legend bundle with the topper and 1 more additional Legends pack, a total of 13,500 points. Now I understand that I did not purchase it during that time you guys stated for the make right packs. But I did purchase those before the 230pm timeframe that he was finally in the marketplace. I just want a refund on my points since the whole purpose of me buying those were to try to get Donald. I get that the chances of pulling the card are incredibly low already, but y'all advertised the card as in the packs and he was not. I have given you guys a lot of my hard earned dollars that I work hard for and I dedicate a ton of my time to madden on PS4. This is making me question on purchasing in game content from Madden anymore. But, I would greatly appreciate to speak with one of you so I can have a civilized conversation on how you guys determined the time slots for these "make right packs". Myself and many others disagree with it.

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