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Run is overpowered and the defense is dumb

The run is insane how can you have xfactor running back making plays consistently against a stacked box buy out running them or juking insanely, or breaking a million tackles this is getting ridiculous I cant stop the run with 9 in the box. Unrealistic this needs to be fix I'll even take and overpowered defense over this because this is ridiculous you should be able to run the ball successfully against a over stacked run defense regardless of speed or other ability. The audible to a pass is how you counter act and over stacked box not run the play anyway and break for a run and prevent defensive superstars from tackling.


  • Agreed. I also hate the fact that the stretch run has some weird animations that sucks defenders into blockers and out of their pursuit angles
  • Also why when do I hit conservative tackle my guy is stuck following the runner instead of tackling the runner. I've seen players get out of 3 on 1 tackle situations I mean this is getting ridiculous.
  • NatureBoy2323
    3704 posts Game Changer
    I am pretty sure the running game was toned down on the last title update. I just played a game and the running game is much tougher than before. Where I was averaging 10 to 12 YPC, now it's like 3 or 4. This is from the latest title update.

    Re-introduced stumbling for ball carriers in specific situations.

    DEV NOTE: We have re-enabled the functionality that causes ball carriers to stumble when running into traffic in specific situations. We have isolated stumbling to situations where they are necessary but will continue to monitor and take feedback around more situations that may require ball carrier stumbles.

    Tuning to reduce the frequency of ‘auto-broken’ tackles vs. AI-controlled and user-controlled defenders when using conservative tackle on Competitive game style.

    DEV NOTE: This tuning will significantly decrease the frequency of ratings-based broken tackles on Competitive game style, with an even lower chance of a broken if the conservative tackle is being performed by a user-controlled defender. Conservative tackles can be used via the mechanic and/or by running into the ball carrier to initiate a tackle interaction.

    Tuning to prevent ‘auto-broken’ tackles when the ball carrier is using the cover-ball mechanic on Competitive game style (excluding hit-sticks)

    Tuning to prevent the ball carrier from retaining top speed while using the cover-ball mechanic on Competitive game style.

  • So the run isn't toned down on Simulation only Competitive mode?
  • NatureBoy2323
    3704 posts Game Changer
    I have played MUT and Franchise games and the runs were toned down in both modes.
  • the run is op especially outside stretch runs

    played a guy who was the titans he ran the same play every single time with derrick henrys
    even though i ran commit pinched the line brought my linebackers up, blitzs safties , overloaded the side he was running with more defenders here was nothing at all i could do to stop it he just ran for 5 yard gains and ran the clock down even when my players got to him behind the line he would just break the through tackles...

    EA is litrelly destroying the skill gap good loyal players who have been practicing and playing for madden for years can now just lose to scrubs who run one play repeatedly because of random animations, poor run angles by defenders things the player cant even control what is the point of putting hours into this game to get better if anyone can just win ....idk there are way to many random occurrences the player cant control in this game
  • yep the run is ridiculous ….. you can have a stacked box and they will run through it every time or around it
    every play

    i hate playing people who run every play for 3/4 yards and it takes 7/8 mins of the game this has happened to many times plus the falling foward animations for so many running backs is just op even if u do get to them they just fall for 3 yards its **** ..... there seems to be no stamina bar for running backs too they run every single play u think they would get tierd but nope
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