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(PC) Madden 20 Small freezes in game , is it just me or the game?

Sometimes I get like 5-10 secs screen freezes. Mostly when it happens its after TD, so I was wondering if maybe more people had that, or maybe its the videocard setting, I have an rtx 2070 and the game plays fluent, just this small freezes are annoying.


  • Not just you tried to start an offline franchise and get freezes every other play really makes it hard to play the game when its freezing all the time
  • same freezes here and there after a challenge/mission is finished , before the "start next challenge" screen pops
  • > @krolsobieskiilI said:
    > same freezes here and there after a challenge/mission is finished , before the "start next challenge" screen pops

    Indeed, I just wanted to mention, that after the challenges endes, you get some kind of freezes, first I thought it was because sometimes I was celebrating (its habbit), but no, now I wait and still those freezes after challenges
  • Its there still, is extremly annoying when you have to replay certain missions.
  • I cant even launch the game without it freezing 10 secs into the game. I can play Madden 19 with no problem, but Madden 20 keeps freezing.
  • s33ka
    1 posts New member
    same here, freezes after some hours of playing (rtx2080ti)
  • Same for me and I have done every troubleshooting idea out there and even contacted EA support, they told me to delete my Madden 20 folder in My Documents which I did and seem'd to provide a temporary fix but the game is back to freezing and stuttering at random times in Practice and Exhibition. Have not even bothered to start a Franchise with the game running like this, nothing in my DxDiag was a problem either and of course running latest Nvidia drivers on a clean install, repaired the game and nothing helps.

    The issue is with the game, I'm bitterly disappointed as my Premier access is just going to waste on an unplayable game yet everyone on console is have zero problems. Without a patch to fix this from EA and SOON I wont be buying this, this is why I get 1 month access before I throw money at anything EA. Patch the game!
  • EA_Rtas
    65 posts EA Community Manager
    edited July 2019
    Hey everyone, I get this must be pretty irritating. Best thing you can do so this can get looked into is pop over to the Madden 20 AHQ tech issues section and submit a report for this with as much detail as possible.

    I haven't run into this one yet myself but I get it could be seriously irritating if it happens often enough
  • How is this such a prominent bug my computer far exceeds the requirements for this game and yet it is poorly built. I never had these issues with 2019.
  • TimStatus
    1 posts New member
    Same, is this going to get fixed or not?
  • Anytime I play I online. It freezes on and off throughout the whole game. My internet connection is the best yet I can barely stay connected through 4 downs of play. I literally just downloaded 19 again.
  • Customer service from EA is horrible. My game was playing with no issue then the graphics card went bad. I replaced it with AMD brand and now I can do auctions but all gameplay it will freeze. Spent days now with EA support and they tell me to delete files and reboot system.
    They are doing troubleshooting they say. All with names from India? Nothing they advise works and every time they start all over from the beginning.
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