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We need a NEW Upgrade System in Franchise

I just witnessed a player in my franchise through the first 8 games of my season who averaged only 190.7 yards per game passing, 11 TD passes, and 19 interceptions. go from a 64 to a 65 and is now a 66... If a player is playing that bad he should lose experience not gain any!!! What? If anything he should have lost his practice exp and be sitting at 64 with 0 exp to spend because of his terrible play, not be getting rewarded for it. It is rigged so no matter how someone plays they will still improve? That is busted, needs to be fixed immediately. At the end of every season, I have to go in and manually make these guys who play like **** worse, that shouldn't be the case. If JJ Watt has a season with no sacks, I want to see him lose 5 points overall by the end of the year. If you aren't putting up the stats, you don't deserve a high overall.


  • Also If a rookie wins Offensive or Defensive rookie of the year, he should be given 10k exp points to spend and have his development trait automatically bumped up one, same for MVP, Offensive, and Defensive Players of the year. I actually hate the fact nobody loses development traits in Franchise mode as well, If my superstar receiver only gets 40 catches any given year, he's not living up to his potential and deserves to lose his traits, even if that means losing the abilities that come along with it.
  • Are you saying that in real life, if Patrick Mahomes lost his starting job after throwing 30 interceptions in a season, he would still have that x-factor trait in your guys game? Hell no he wouldn't, you guys would push his overall down 20 points and get rid of his abilities faster than Captain Marvel can say "Shazam". Franchise mode should reflect things like that, football is a statistically driven game! I just want realistic Franchises.
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