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Gridiron Notes: Madden NFL 20 Title Update - October.



  • Will you guys just get rid of franchise, would be easier than getting our hopes up with each game/updates that you’re actually going to add and fix things we have consistently ask for and just have a good franchise/superstar mode in general, and just be honest with us that you don’t care about the mode because it’s not MUT or some other money grabbing gimmick.

    I would happily pay EA sports extra money if that's what it takes to have a decent franchise mode.
  • It would be helpful to get an quick blurb on each team weekly ratings updates and rationale. I really feel that the smaller markets get overlooked. AJ Bouye has an amazing interception last week no ratings increases. Keenan Cole has two touchdowns over two weeks and ratings increase. Is it weekly game impact or full body of work? C’’mon man!
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