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Franchise sim getting worse and worse

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I have a run-stopping middle linebacker who is leading simulated franchise in interceptions... His catching ability is 39!!!! He should not be able to intercept anything whether I am playing or simulating, His coverage is bad too 64 man and 69 zone! This type of **** is why Franchise is failing. How the hell are you guys rolling these simulated stats??? It doesn't make a lick of sense. NO defensive player with a catch rating under 55 should EVER be allowed to get an interception in simulation, EVEN if he had good coverage, he should only be tipping passes and breaking them up, not getting interceptions! Can you idiots at madden please do something about ridiculous sim stats? I can literally write you up an algorithm that will actually make sense with caps on yards and performance based on player ratings... This simulation is SAD at the very best. Everything needs to be looked at and numbers need to be re-rolled. I cannot stand sub-par players leading in their respected positions, it is idiotic.


  • If I have a 99 WR and my opponent's best corner is 81 and the best safety they have is a 77 overall, my 99 overall receivers should have a hay day no matter how many times I simulate that game. 5 should literally be the minimal number of catches even in a simulated game against a team with a secondary like that... 85 overall defense is way too cookie-cutter of a way to put it... It should be addressed as Pass defense/Run defense.. a team with 85 overall defense will dominate most simulated games against a 79 overall offense even if they have a terrible secondary. A 79 offense could have 90 pass offense and 60 run offense, while the 85 defense could have a 99 run defense and an 76 overall pass defense... in situations like that that 79 offense should be able to pass the ball almost at will against an 85 overall defense because of the lack of pass defense... In madden simulations, none of this is addressed and it's much too random when they give low overall players way too much credit.
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