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Cant Trade for Players in CFM

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I was wondering if anyone could help me understand an Issue.. I am the owner of a CFM league. We have approved and seen many trades. This is the first time I have ever seen this. I can't not trade in my franchise for xfactor player Jalen Ramsey..

These are the important parts
- Both teams are users owned teams.
- We both hit accept the trade but it gets denied..
- trades are allowed as we both have traded for other players/picks
- neither of us has over 8 picks in the current draft
- no restrictions are on (rosters limits, player movement or anything)
- we have done it live stream and made sure we both are hitting the right buttons.
- both have cap space as well


  • Where are u at in the franchise? If ur at preseason you cant trade till you hit week 4.

    Did one owner play a game and other owner didnt? I know thats a simple one but have to ask.
  • What exactly is the terms? How many player do you have and does he have currently before the trade? How about min at the position? Do each team have the cap room?

    Theres a few more you can look at as well.
  • jboyjr
    2 posts New member
    we are in the offseason, during FA..
    - other teams have traded players
    - I have traded other players, but I just declines every time we approve
    - each team has over the min at the position
    - each team has cap room over 40 mil each
    - each team has above the number of players for the roster set at 46 we both have 48-49
    - since we are in offseason, there are no games to play
  • jboyjr
    2 posts New member
    we have pulled up both streams at the same time. and each tried to send the trade.. I watched him it accept and he watched me hit accept and it just says declined.. very confusing
  • Check Available funds. Some think if they have the cap room they are good which is incorrect. There is a avail funds screen. If your team does not have the avail funds(profit), it wont let you trade.
  • Also if you are in the FA section if you have bids on any FAs its calculated against your cap until you win or lose the bid. If you throw out say 5 bids totaling 40 mill but only plan to sign one, it doesnt matter, all 40 is off ur books untill you win, lose or withdrawal those bids. One of you could have too many bids out.
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