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Franchise Mode/Injuries PLEASE FIX!!

If you start from the current week (week 9) in franchise players that were injured back in week 1 or 2 have the same injury lengths they did then and it hasn’t been updated AT ALL. Example. Isaiah Wynn had a 10 week injury timetable from Week 2 but if you start at the current week (Week 9) he’s still out for 10 weeks!! Meaning he doesn’t heal?? Or they don’t update! Each fan activate 2 players from IR and both NE Patriots players N’Keal Harry and Isaiah Wynn are both practicing and Harry could possibly play this week yet Madden has then both with 8 week long and 10 week long injuries even if start from Week 9!!! Madden PLEASE FIX! THIS WEEK!!


  • Madden PLEASE FIX!!
  • Turn off pre existing injuries when you start your franchise.

    If your all ready in your franchise and dont want to restart you can turn off pre existing injs, exit the franchise. Then go back in turn it back on again. Exit again, then go back in and turn back off yet again. When doing this it resets all injuries.
  • If you started a franchise after this last crash why can pre existing injuries not be turned off? It greyed out cannot toggle at all
  • I don’t want to turn off pre-existing injuries. I want players who are healthy in real life not to be injured in franchise, I’d like to play with them. If you make everyone healthy I’d be 10 players over my roster limit of 53 because of players permanently on IR, the two players I’m upset about are both healthy and have both been activated off IR and were injured in preseason and Week 1 and had 10 week and 8 week long injury lengths but it doesn’t update week to week, if you start during week 9 (the current week) they still have 10 and 8 weeks to go before being healthy... which they already are because they were injured before or on week 1!!!!! I hate EA, why are they only NFL game!!!!
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