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Defensive Lineman Auto shedding Double Team Blocks?

What is with all the Defensive Lineman almost instant shedding double team blocks to get through almost instantly for sacks? Is this one of EAs awful “upgrades”?


  • Since the last few updates, EA toned down the pass rush a ton. I personally liked it the way it was when game first dropped. Made people made quick reads and know their plays instead of sitting in the pocket all day. If your still getting instant sheds still your oppt is glitching the AI online with adjustments. Or maybe you are setting up your protection wrong.
  • No not online this is on connected Franchise. It’s on All Madden and I haven’t had any issue since launch but just since the last update I’m watching the replays and it’s time and time again some 70 something overall DT in different games will just auto shed between a double team block of the Guard and center and gets back their for the sack almost as soon as you set into your drop. This is on PC btw.
  • Basically saying your playing a franchise with no other owners and only play against the CPU then you will have to get use to it. CPU always gets a big boost. Your only option at that point will be to adjust your sliders on your oline blocking if you want.
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