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Talk is Cheap. Only one thing can be done.

Honestly we all talk a big game. We all complain that EA is trash, they only care about MUT etc etc. But we are part of the problem cause we still buy the game.

In the end it comes down to one thing. $$$. this is our world and can you blame EA? No, it is their job to make as much cash for the shareholders that they can. The ONLY way you will get change is to hit them where it hurts. They tried this crap in Battlefront and they saw a major drop in sales when the game dropped. It forced EA to turn off there cash money option like MUT to get people to start buying the game.

So everyone that wants change, you cant get it by complaints. You have to just stuck it up and refuse to buy the game. If you really want it, just buy EA Access and get the game for free 6 months later along with all the other games.

Now this might not hurt EA but will it be loud enough that they here it in the NFL corp office in NY? Maybe. Cause there is where the change will happen and only there. EA has a monopoly on the NFL video gaming world which last time I checked is still against the law. Your only change is to get the NFL to allow others the rights to make a game. When this happens the competition forces change.

This year is done, they made their money already. This will come down to M21 now. How much do you really want change is the question? Enough that you are willing to sacrifice?


  • ejs181
    7 posts New member
    This is the first time I bought madden since madden12. I have no problem passing on next years installment
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