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Issue impacting the ability to play online Franchise modes



  • Mine was working last night but today I cant get into my franchise. If this is not fixed soon I want a refund!
  • [quote="Ketz120;c-2099914"][quote="Ninho1607;c-2099904"]I'll Tell you what happened. They Updated the cfm's to show Player personalities which don't have any effect. During this Updates some cfm's got corrupted or a Server went down. Because they have not made backups of the corrupted cfm's they are goneand ea isn't able to restore them. Now they'll wait till everybody starts New cfm's and the topic will be forgotten by the "small" amount of people who play franchise. Don't expect any other news or update by ea here.[/quote]

    These are not the CFMs your looking for....[/quote]

  • Any updates EA?
  • Can you guys please stop "fixing" the game. Every year Madden releases with a couple of bugs, yall proceed to "fix" it until you make the game unplayable. It's ridiculous that such a big company can continually screw up this big of title annually. Madden football has such a big following and we deserve better than what your company is putting out and fixing.
  • madden down 3rd weekend in a row. ridiculous.
  • Or they’re trying to patch the broken keagues maybe. Who knows. Don’t always assume the worst.
  • It shouldn’t take days to fix the crappy thing
  • Never seen something like this. Almost 12 hours with ZERO updates or communications. Incredible
  • How about an update on when the CFM will be back up?
  • Jb8989i
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    Can we have any kind of update on this?
  • I know nothing about making or fixing games. But how about turning off SUPERSTAR completely until after you fix it and turning CFM back on so all of our franchise leagues can resume our gameplay. SUPERSTAR is off in our league anyway.
  • One of the guys from Operation Sports said this

    "From Kraelo:

    The MUT Team is aware of the following issues:

    1. Weekly Elite Fantasy Pack has not refreshed.
    2. Series Redux Sony Michel not going into existing PU and missing training options for V. Vea and Z. Smith in PU's.

    CFM issues are gating the ability to push a fix ATM.

    From Gutfoxx:

    CFM is getting priority for once

    So CFM is nerfing MUT upgrades at the moment."
  • NatureBoy2323
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    From our TOS: Don't be inappropriate. That means no obscenity or other explicit posts i.e. sexting. This includes role play threads.

    Don't be rude. No matter what your feelings are about other people, EA Forums aren't the place to attack another person. That includes public figures, EA employees, or other forum users.

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    Don't call out Community Managers and Officials. Be cool, folks. We know you want to grab our attention, but good thread titles like the example in Dos will help you get our attention much easier.

    Listen, I am a Franchise player myself, I would like to be playing it right now, but like everything else in life, unexpected things happen. I can assure you none of the Madden Dev team is at home with their feet propped saying, o well.

    I understand being upset, but the name calling, the foul language and the personal attacks are uncalled for, unnecessary and are violations of our TOS listed above that each and every person agrees to when you join the forum.

    First and only warning, if this type of behavior continues, I will start issuing bans.
  • I suggest disputing the charges on your credit cards for the game. Ea has not held up to their end of what we paid $60 for. Maybe if they see their wallets being hurt they will act with more urgency
  • This is crazy. It's been down for days and you guys still can't fix it. Can't believe this is how you treat people who pay their hard earned money and when they do get a chance to play the game they can't. Unbelievable. Fix this !
  • My league was fixed today after 2 weeks.
  • I'm down again. Let me advance one week of the playoffs but wouldn't let me advance a second. Really over this trash.
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