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Madden NFL (New game idea to make the game better)

So, like most of you, I am sick of EA pumping out the same game every year with the same bugs and crappy gameplay. That is why I have devised a plan that will make consumers (us) happy, while possibly making more money for EA.

Madden NFL. 5 bucks a month (if you want to keep the old version, stop paying at regular release date and you won't receive any more updates). UPDATES. Since this idea has Madden being the same game, just with graphic updates, new features, bug fixes, and roster updates, it doesn't have to be put off until 'next year.' Possibly even bi-weekly updates, fixing rosters and making gameplay (more on that later) even smoother.

Gameplay: I personally loved the Madden 16 Xbox 360 gameplay. It wasn't choppy, the spin moves were realistic and so on. With this idea, the devs will have all the time in the world to fix issues and not have new ones every release. This will also allow new features to be added when they need to be added.

It might not have that yearly release hype but it would make fans happy.


  • My question can EA release Madden 21 without having to update gameplay every other week I think not smh
  • Hello, I am an avid Madden player. But, I purchased FIFA 20, and noticed ONE game mode that I cannot leave. "Volta Football". Remember EA sports NFL Street? People still talk about that game to this day. Adding a game mode like Volta football into Madden would be the biggest seller Madden has ever seen.
    If you are bored go to YouTube and check out Underground Kings Football.

    Madden Players around the world would thank you.
  • Ok so I've put a lot of thought into what features I want in Madden games. First, I want more depth in coaches. I want offensive and defensive coordinators along with head coaches. I want them to have their own special plays and schemes and different effects on chemistry. For example, all players should have an attitude rating. Players like Josh Gordon could be randomly suspended because of off the field issues or substance abuse but depending on coaches they might be able to help stifle the negative effects of his attitude and make him be more positive. The same would go for players. Different players could have the ability to make those around them behave and play in a more positive manner. Consistency of players should have an effect too. For example, a QB and wr who are both rated 80 but have played together for 9 seasons may be able to be more consistent than a QB and wr who have just become teammates. Also like switching out players could effect the chemistry of those around them. I could go on for days about this idea but what do you guys think? What's your input?
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