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H2H online penalties

I strongly believe that PI should be in H2H online, especially Defensive PI. There should be no way my WR gets jammed 10/20 yards down field. Most user player will block your WR from running the route beyond the 5 yard mark. The offensive false start should be tone down. There has be several time the defense jumps first and the offense is call for false start. Many time the offense lineman won’t even move and get the false start penalty.


  • JayChitown
    114 posts Member
    edited December 2019
    There are no penalties online unless the game glitches. The crazy part is online mode is called Competitive Mode lol. So a game that lacks the proper NFL penalties is called Competitive. NFL games come on every week, you see how important penalties are and Tiburon decides they not needed in online H2H play. Its arcade mode at best with a false start and offsides sprinkled in. Oh dont ask them if the plan on adding them, They Not.
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