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So Tom Brady doesn’t retire after one season in Franchise and he regresses normally to about 88-90 but he loses ability slots. I agree he should regress because I believe he will but the abilities he loses he still has, that’s what makes Brady.. Brady! Like Conductor and Extra Hot Routes.. ya know behind the line the stuff because he’s a very smart player. So I believe he should regress overall points but still keep his default abilities. Anyway this could be made possible? It truly makes sense, please comment if you disagree or agree, I like feedback! @EA_Blueberry


  • Also some players regress after very good seasons, I think this could also be fixed. Drew Brees has been on fire but after this season he regresses to between 84-88 and he’s not showing much signs! In my opinion.
  • EA_Blueberry
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    Did the other quarterbacks in the league perform far better than Brees although he had a good season? What do you define as a good season?
  • @EA_Blueberry Well I play Live Franchise so the stats are very similar to what they are in real life and Brees has been killing it, I can understand a reasonable drop based off age but the previous has to factor in! He did miss a few games so I could be different after the next few updates but it’s not just him. Is there anyway for a commissioner to adjust this? Only thing I know is XP but that’s for progression. Another example would be Edelman, he’s on pace for career highs yet he regresses and sometimes retires.. I think Franchise should have a commissioner control to veto retirements up to 1 or 2 seasons because sometimes they are out of nowhere like Edelmans, he hasn’t even hinted at retirement and signed an extension last year. Thanks for the response!
  • EA_Blueberry
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    I've seen some requests for a more robust tool for commissioners. It can be disappointing when a player retires after a career year, even when they're not that high up in age yet. At the moment they can't make any custom changes like what you're requesting though. :/
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