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Auction House Posting Glitch

So just earlier I decided to open a Flashback Player Pack from the “training store” from which I pulled an 86 overall Derrick Henry card. I then decided to post this card on the auction house for 72,000 coins, when selecting to enter the price manually my screen froze. The next frame appearing on the screen was a notification of my Derrick Henry being sold for 585 coins. I am wondering if there is in precautions I can take so that this won’t happen again and/or if there is any possible scenario where I may be compensated for my loss.


  • I had the same thing happen with a Devin Bush 93ovr and sold for 250 coins wen I rebooted
  • Ea support said they couldn't help and come to here for help and possible compensation
  • EA_Blueberry
    3195 posts EA Community Manager
    Once an auction is listed it is subject to the price it will be sold for. Please use extreme caution when you're posting items as our forum staff nor EA staff can assist in reimbursement around these cases. I'm not sure why they advised you to come here for compensation, although feedback around these situations are always taken into consideration when the team is looking to build new features around Madden Ultimate Team. I'm very sorry this happen to you all and wish you the best of luck in your future auctions.
  • I am not seeing certain players being posted on the auction block. Buddies of mine are selling cards I want to bid on and they don't show up for me. What's going on?
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