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The Top 5 Passing teams in Madden NFL 20.


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    🐄 boys

    Madden 3/5 not bad..
  • Dweezy85
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    edited December 2019
    Lmao goes to show you how much actual football these guys watch. I'm an Indy fan and know they have excelled more this year at running the ball with Mack,Hines and even Wilkins and have struggled to pass the ball when T.Y is injured, and Brissett has been lambasted for not over throwing, holding onto the ball too long and not taking enough shots down field. Most passes are between 7-12 yds.
  • I use to actually believe that they cared About this gm. This confirms different. This must be some MUT crap? Because I know nothing about Mean Joe Green at TE and Jack Lambert at RB
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