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Um, you guys at Madden do know in actual football you arent allowed to block until the ball is caught right?! 100% of the time there will be a PI call if defenders are blocking/engaging defensive players before the ball is caught. But of course in good ol Madden, you throw a screen to who ever and everyone is being blocked or chopped down before the ball is actually caught. Lol i swear these devs do not watch games just highlights


  • EA_Blueberry
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    Hey what's up, hope your holidays are going well. Do you have a recorded clip of what happened that you can share or be more specific on what type of screen play was used? I'm curious if it's lineman or a receiver blocking. It might be a compromise due to game balance or something the team needs to take a look at for future updates. Thanks for the report and cheers to some great games this weekend.
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