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Matchmaking Issues in online H2H Modes

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Hey Madden Community,

We have heard reports from players that they have been experiencing issues with matchmaking in online H2H modes (i.e. Play Now/H2H Seasons/WL, etc.). Earlier today, an issue was found and addressed on our servers which was causing connectivity issues for some players. For the players impacted, a restart of Madden NFL 20 may result in improved connectivity.

- The Madden Team


  • This is not fixed. The last week, the servers have been so laggy that I get booted from games including several losses I took today. Most obvious reason would be server overload from new Xmas players.
  • Will that mean there will be audits for people who played WL and received losses because of this?
  • I got disconnected from 3 straight games before they even started and recieved 3 straight losses. This has happened before. I have a total of at least 30 losses from disconnect due to server issues. Also it says 100 people online searching and it takes 45 secs to start a game, what is that all about? Madden has always had the best servers. It's like the game is looking for someone to give a game too. The longer I wait the worst the games turn out. Most of the glitchy games are after you wait a long time to start. Also the games will start, then on the screen it says game couldn't start. Then its stuck
  • Unfortunately, H2H is as big of a disaster as it was when first launched... not sure how much is really being invested by EA in fixing things. The matching with teams 20pts higher, the boatloads of fumbles and interceptions, the 400 DT running down WRs from behind, the QB “mysteriously” becoming uncontrollable and standing still until he’s sacked... none of that has been addressed (and likely never will be). Shame... cause H2H can be a very cool and fun part of this game.
  • Why does EA acknowledge errors in their game and like to tell us to restart our game or check our internet connection and then act like nothing happened even though the problems continue.

    Can we get some make rights up in hur?

    But seriously, I have spent hours on the phone with laughable support/customer service that have no idea what Madden 20 or the NFL even are.

    In the beginning they tell you "don't worry I will help fix your problem" 45 min. Later they are telling you to that the solution is: check your internet connection and or restart your game.

    Only Lip Service from such a big company that is only so big because of all of us yet they treat us all like garbage.

    Great Game, Evil Empire
  • They’re the only ones with license rights... so they don’t much care. Not sure if the NFL will do something different when the rights are up for negotiation. Until then... as long as people keep paying money, don’t expect much.
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